Monthly playlist-Favourite albums July 2019

Posted: 12th August 2019 by blaue-rosen in Music News,press releases
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“Punk rock will never die, until something more dangerous replaces it”-Jello Biafra

July is not typically a very dynamic month in terms of both album releases and gigs. It is a month during which a lot of festivals are being carried out worldwide, offering the chance to enjoy the releases of the previous months. One could argue that the soundtrack of the month should always be just the sound of the cheers of the crowds who enjoys outdoor festivals. This month’s independent music releases create quite a melancholic and dark atmosphere that sometimes feels impenetrable and other times otherworldly and menacing. We have listened to 55 albums and we picked those ones that had thr strongest impact on us. This time, they can take you to a coldwave, deathrock, experimental, industrial, synthpop, garage rock, IDM, dream pop sonic trip. Enjoy it here:


Thom Yorke, is the ultimate guide of this soundtrack, as he has offered to us the next chapter of his solo work, entitled ‘Anima‘. The album’s title and perhaps its whole style, has been inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of  ‘Animus and Anima’ which is part of his theory about the collective unconscious. Anima, according to Carl Jung was the unconscious feminine side of a man which, like animus, transcends the personal psyche. The album’s title, as Thom Yorke has explained is also a critique on the way technology has allowed us to be distanced from the things we say and do by ‘hiding’ behind an avatar or a digital persona. This album follows the release of ‘Suspiria’ in 2018, an album that was used as a soundtrack to Luca Guadagnino’ s film of the same title, that was inspired by Dario Argento’s 1977 film of the same title. ‘Anima‘ is also the soundtrack of a musical film directed by Paul Anderson. Thom Yorke performs the songs and stars in the film, while the music is multidimensional with a deep, reverberating sound. Listening to this album feels as if reading a book with many chapters; each track has a different energy and a different performing style and Thom Yorke’s signature timbre, is making sure that we are kept in a dreamy, almost hallucinatory state where the sound of the voice is echoing and the meaning of the words is unclear. Thom Yorke has said that ‘…if you don’t dream enough, you don’t process enough…‘ and this cannot describe better, the effect his music and his performing style have been having throughout his career but especially through this new album. As far as ‘Anima’ is concerned, in a recent interview he has said that: ‘…on a musical and technical level i was deliberately trying to find something as ‘cold’  as possible to go with it…‘ while its sound, has been inspired by styles that challenge the traditional songwriting ways, such as noise and music concrete.

The releases of Glaring and Black to Comm, carry through the same experimental spirit on what concerns their sound and offer us two very atmospheric albums. Glaring is a side project of NONE a.k.a Anna Nin. The new album entitled ‘Decay‘ starts by placing us in a sonic environment that distorts our sense of place and time, before ‘animating’ this environment with noisy, industrial textures and dynamic rhythms after 4 songs. Once the rhythms change you might be feeling numb but they are pulling you ‘out’ and you will start to feel their electrifying energy soon enough. ‘Before After‘ the new album of Black to Comm, begins in a theatrical way and then retains and enriches with noisy and industrial textures, its deconstructive aesthetics. The band is using inventive ways to tame sound and transform our perception of it. We read that in the track entitled ‘They Said Sleep’, the band has : “…applied contemporary studio techniques to ancient material, creating a Chopped ‘n’ Screwed edit of an early medieval folk song.” In their debut album, Oceans of the Moon are creating a sonic psychedelia that adopts funky elements at the beginning and heavier ones towards the end and is dominated by slow rhythms, nicely placed samples and haunting vocals.

The IDM, experimental electronic side of this monthly soundtrack is represented by the releases of Restive Plaggona, MediaData, Detritus and Cocktail Party Effect. The truly restive in nature, Restive Plaggona, has filtered through his soundscapes, the anxiety and the darkness that looms over the world and Greece in particular (the country of origin of the project). We can truly feel pleasantly ‘lost’ within the industrial pulsations and the elegant melodies that sneak through them, so much so, that we are starting to develop some sort of ‘addiction’ with the music of this project. ‘Trouble Social‘, uses a conceptually powerful image of a fallen human being, like a fallen anti-angel, on a rocky surface, perhaps a symbol of harsh struggles. We really loved the addition of female backing vocals, strategically placed within the album. The self released EP by Detritus, entitled ‘Ruin‘, keeps us inside this deep reverberating space that Restive Plaggona has ‘opened up’ and is aiming to make us feel suspended in there, through beats that form the basis on which melodies ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ by transforming themselves from calming agents to disquieting channels. ‘Gracefulness‘, the new album by MediaData, begins our journey immediately, into an undulating space, through low pitched pulsations. Sounds of piano and violin work well with operatic vocals whose aesthetics ‘flirt’ with modern classical music but manage to evade being ‘captured’ by them. The title of the album is reflected in the music that keeps revealing the many conceptual elements that are hidden within its throbbing beats. The new EP ‘Shattered Retina‘ by Cocktail Party Effect, is creating a tribal in aesthetics, psychedelic and motivational sonic environment that can only make you dance until you fall down. The beats that replicate the sound of falling droplets, are the stirring elements of this EP and it is their fluctuating energy that we follow for almost 30′, passing through ‘lighter’ or ‘heavier’ areas.


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