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A decade is about to end and we should all be grateful that a war that would affect the whole of the world did not happen. Other important political events around the globe, had a strong impact on everyone and most of the artists that we love, responded to them with sound, powerful soundscapes and dynamic lyrics. music_of_the_decade_best_albumsDuring this decade, Blaue Rosen, has been ‘born’, it has taken up a form and continues to evolve. We have been fascinated by new independent artists, independent labels, festivals that support new and well-established bands, and genre-defying artists. Each month we are publishing a new monthly playlist that contains our favourite releases so that we can create a soundtrack at the end of each year. Each monthly playlist is accompanied by mini reviews of each of the releases that it contains. In addition we constantly strive to take interviews from those musicians that inspire us the most and whose artistic qualities fascinate us. We will do more during the following years!

The music that has been written and has been performed during the last 10 years, tells a powerful story, unique to the period that inspired it. The visuals that accompany these albums, support this story at a symbolic level.  New bands have released amazing debut albums during this decade and well established, all-time favourite bands have taken up a ‘heavier’ sound, maybe as a response to the ‘heavier’ political climate around the globe. All this music accompanied us throughout these years and helped us evolve both our musical taste and our aesthetics.

These are the albums we distinguished out of each of the playlists we have created throughout the decade and the albums we danced to during the decade 2010-2019. Congratulations to all the musicians/bands!

Thank you for your support!

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Monthly Playlist-Favourite Albums June 2019

Posted: 11th July 2019 by blaue-rosen in Music News,press releases
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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”-Albert Einstein



June was a particularly interesting month in terms of its album releases, the most favourite of which, make a journey from ethereal folk towards doom post-rock.

During this month, I found myself delving more into the condition of ‘post‘ both in music and in art in general. It was actually a definition of ‘the post’, that was provided in one of the numerous student projects at the Architectural Association, combined with a memorable variété/architectural event inside the Hippodrome Casino about post-modern architecture, that enlightened me in such a way that I can now ‘see’ post music with new eyes.

One of the multiple definitions was: ‘A post is a position or a state that defines where or how something or someone has to be, as it was meant to be’. Another one said ‘…a post is a node, a meeting point, a gathering spot. A post is where people converge towards…’.

The releases of Band of Holy Joy, The Membranes, Red Velvet Deception, Vlimmer, The Man&His Failures, BLVCK CEILING, Death’s Head, VOID//GIST, Constant Mongrel, PLAID and Such Beautiful Flowers all tap into different aspects of post music by stressing its ‘heavier’ industrial side, the more emotional coldwave side or even its more vindictive punk side.


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