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A decade is about to end and we should all be grateful that a war that would affect the whole of the world did not happen. Other important political events around the globe, had a strong impact on everyone and most of the artists that we love, responded to them with sound, powerful soundscapes and dynamic lyrics. music_of_the_decade_best_albumsDuring this decade, Blaue Rosen, has been ‘born’, it has taken up a form and continues to evolve. We have been fascinated by new independent artists, independent labels, festivals that support new and well-established bands, and genre-defying artists. Each month we are publishing a new monthly playlist that contains our favourite releases so that we can create a soundtrack at the end of each year. Each monthly playlist is accompanied by mini reviews of each of the releases that it contains. In addition we constantly strive to take interviews from those musicians that inspire us the most and whose artistic qualities fascinate us. We will do more during the following years!

The music that has been written and has been performed during the last 10 years, tells a powerful story, unique to the period that inspired it. The visuals that accompany these albums, support this story at a symbolic level.  New bands have released amazing debut albums during this decade and well established, all-time favourite bands have taken up a ‘heavier’ sound, maybe as a response to the ‘heavier’ political climate around the globe. All this music accompanied us throughout these years and helped us evolve both our musical taste and our aesthetics.

These are the albums we distinguished out of each of the playlists we have created throughout the decade and the albums we danced to during the decade 2010-2019. Congratulations to all the musicians/bands!

Thank you for your support!

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1. Carrion Flowers/2. Iron Moon/3.Dragged Out/4.Maw/5.Grey Days/6. After The Fall/7.Crazy Love/8.Simple Death/9. Survive/10.Color Of Blood/11.Abyss

Release date: August 7, 2015
Sargent House

Perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.” (Yohji Yamamoto)

As ‘almost disappointing’ as 2014 was in terms of album releases, so mindblowing 2015 is turning out to be. ‘Abyss‘ is the second album in a few months that has such a powerful effect on me. I had to actually take a break of a few days between consecutive listenings of this album in order to try and neutralize its effect on me and escape from its addicting nature…but each time I came back with an increased emotional hunger to listen to it again.

The music up to ‘Abyss’

Abyss-Digital-CoverChelsea Wolfe, a talented and emotionally rich singer songwriter from Sacramento California, has shaken the ”waters” of dark alternative music in 2010 with her album ‘The Grime And The Glow‘ which followed the rather acoustic album called ‘Mistake In Parting‘  that was self released in 2006. Since 2010 Chelsea Wolfe has released albums in Pendu Sound Recordings and since 2012 her albums have been released by Sargent House. In 2013 Chelsea Wolfe collaborated with King Dude releasing 2 EPs called ‘Sing Songs Together‘ and ‘Sing More Songs Together‘. Her album ‘Pain Is Beauty‘ has attracted the attention of an increasing audience in Europe and was praised as her most crystallized album of her career up to that point .

I was so struck by that visual: the drop into the abyss of one’s own mind, allowing yourself to feel things you’ve hidden away, bringing them front and center. That became the goal of this album…hazy afterlife…an inverted thunderstorm . . . the dark backward . . . the abyss of time.(Chelsea Wolfe about ‘Abyss‘)


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tumblr_inline_nqu2hr06eF1r9b7s6_540It’s been two years since the release of ‘Pain Is Beauty‘ and just one from the release of ‘Sing More Songs Together, the EP that Chelsea Wolfe created with King Dude. I would dare to say that the time feels right and the ground has been prepared in our minds and psyches by the previous albums of Chelsea Wolfe, for ‘Abyss‘, her forthcoming 5th studio album. The evoking title of the album  is self explanatory but is promising to absorb us, just as strongly as the previous albums of Chelsea Wolfe did. I have always found that the bigger emotional impact is not made by cold and static rhythms nor by harsh vocals, it is rather achieved through sad melodies using powerful ‘sad’ harmonies and hypnotizing vocals. When all these elements are combined with a smoky vocals, pulsating rhythms and a capturing performance, then you are up for an outwardly, strong and cathartic experience. Chelsea Wolfe emits an absorbing darkness aesthetically as well as through her lyrics and melodies. One could say that the impact of her music is equivalent of the one Ulysses has experienced from all the Sirens together during his trip to Ithaca. Chelsea Wolfe was singing  ‘Run from the one who comes to find you wait for the night that come to hide your eyes like an animal…‘ in ‘Pain Is Beauty’ and if the titles of songs hint at a story then ‘‘Carrion Flowers’‘ and ‘Iron Moon ( the known titles of some songs from her new album ) give us plenty of spiritual incentives so as to create our own dark stories until 7th August 2015, the official release date of ‘Abyss’ by Sargent House. You can preorder ‘Abyss’ by following this link:

Until then…


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