28th WGT-The highlights

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wgt bannerMay is usually the time of year when we start preparing ourselves for our annual visit to the beautiful city of Leipzig. The 28th WGT is less than a month away and we’d just thought to give you a summary of the highlights of the festival for this year.

The festival’s line up accommodates once again, every taste from power electronics to dark ambient and rock. There are 20 bands from the UK (Alien Vampires, Am Not, Arhai, Cradle of Filth, Cubanate, Darkher, Double Echo, Empathy Test, Empirion, Evi Vine,  Inkubus Sukkubus, Lene Lovich band, New Model Army, Nitzer Ebb, October Burns Black, Sad Lovers and Giants, The Adicts, New Model Army, UK Decay, White Lies),  that will perform in the festival this year and several bands which have been in a hiatus for many years but will reunite and perform exclusively for the festival. Let’s not forget the famous after parties, which will feature favourite UK-based DJs behind the decks as well.

Bands that will make their first-ever appearance at WGT

This year, there are three bands which have never performed at WGT one of which is the mighty New Model Army a band that needs no introductions whose music appeals equally to metal and gothic rock fans. This will be the first time that the band that performs in sold out venues around the world, will play live at the biggest gothic festival in the world. This will be a perfect opportunity to listen to old and new songs that the band has been writing and which will be included in their upcoming album entitled ‘From Here’, expected to be released in August 2019. The band has said about this new album: “One thing we have in common is the love of bleak, open, cold, rugged landscapes – water, snow, and rock…So this album has a feel that is different to our other albums, but it still contains all the elements that characterise our curiously unidentifiable music – perhaps even more than ever. The record belongs to a very special place and also a particular time – what is happening in the world now and where we are as a band and as people…“. As expected, the band will headline the midnight special show at Agra Hall on Saturday (8/6) at 00.55. Equally noteworthy is the inclusion of The Adicts at the festival. The legendary punk band with the distinct stage appearance has been active since the late 70s and has never performed at WGT before. The band’s take on punk is theatrical, powerful and playfully dark and their gigs are aesthetically intriguing. Therefore, if you choose to be at their gig (on Monday evening at 22.30 in Täubchenthal) you will definitely not regret it! hackedepicciotto a.k.a Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Danielle de Picciotto is a duet like no other, one of our favourite ones to be precise. They have released two albums since 2017, one of which has featured in our soundtrack of 2017).  These are two multifarious artists who always put experimentation at the center of all music related work and create a unique multisensory experience each time they perform live. You can enjoy them live on Monday afternoon (10/6) on 17.30 at Schauspielhaus. Sad Lovers and Giants, an all-time favourite band who has resumed its live performances the last few years, rekindling the love of their fans around the world, will bring their unique blend of lyrical, post-punk bittersweet melancholy to Leipzig this year on Monday (10/6) evening in Haus Leipzig at 22.40. Autumn, is a darkwave band from Minnesota who has been releasing albums since 1994 (their latest one is entitled ‘Chandelier’ and was released last year) and their sound can be perceived to be nodding to that of Faith and The Muse. They have never performed in Europe before and have also never performed at WGT before. You can enjoy their music live on Monday afternoon (10/6) at 17.50 in Westbad.

New bands

Creux Lies is a new band whose debut album ‘The Hearth’, featured on our playlist for August 2018. This is one of the bands which has very fastly won over the ‘hearts’ of fans of post-punk music. It is the first time that they will perform live at WGT and one of the few bands that participate in this festival so close to the date they released their debut album. The band will perform live on Sunday (9/6) afternoon at 15.30 in Volkspalast Kuppelhalle. The Lust Syndicate, the new project of Simone Salvatori (Spiritual Front) was introduced to us earlier this year with a very mysterious release that can be perceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary film or a poem accompanied by sonic snippets. The album featured carefully chose collaborators such as Michael De Victor (While Angels Watch), Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth), Paul Smalley, Gary Carey (Apoptose, Death In June, The Hollow Men), Caroline Jago (Seventh Harmonic, ex Sol Invictus), Erin Powell (Awen, Luftwaffe). Taking into account that any work ‘signed’ by Simone Salvatori is strongly admired and his aesthetic has always made sure that the live performances are conceptually and emotionally very intense. We are impatient to see who will join him on stage during the live performance of the band on Friday (7/6) afternoon at 15.30 in Volkspalast Kuppelhalle. Karies, a new post-punk band from Stuttgart, has released four albums so far since 2013. Their sound has a characteristic blend of beautiful melodies enhanced by passionate vocals and they have given more emphasis on the punk side of music. They have never performed at WGT before and it would be great to listen to them live there. Enjoy them on Saturday (8/6) at 19.40 in Haus Leipzig. Friends of Gas released their debut album entitled ‘Fatal Schwach’ in 2016 and have yet to perform live at WGT. This is about to change of course and we are excited to see this band on stage and enjoy their Sonic Youth-inspired sound and the beautiful vocals of Nina Walser. You can enjoy them on Saturday (8/6/) on 18.20 at Haus Leipzig. Urze de Lume, a band from Portugal with dark ceremonial folk sound and three albums released so far since 2012, has never performed at WGT before and will give us the chance to enjoy their music on Saturday (8/6) at 17.30 in Schauspielhaus. Fans of ethereal/neoclassical music will not be disappointed either as The Moon and The Nightspirit will return to Leipzig, 8 years after their last performance at the festival and two years after the release of their latest album entitled ‘Metanoia‘. They will perform on Saturday (8/6) at 19.00 in Schauspielhaus. Faun (Sunday (9/6) at 19.20 in Heidnisches Dorf) and Ashram (Saturday (8/6) at 22.30 in Schauspielhaus) will complete the small group of neoclassical bands that we will enjoy this year, Christine Owman,  a talented singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Mark Lanegan among many musicians and lists Sigur Ros, Tom Waits and Cat Power among her favourite bands, has never performed at WGT before and will give us the chance to be absorbed within the mystical dark folk, almost hypnotic atmosphere that her music and her beautiful vocals create. She will perform live at 20.40 on Saturday (8/6) in Schauspielhaus.

Bragolin, is a new band from Utrecht which released its debut album entitled ‘I Saw Nothing Good So I Left‘ last year. It will be appealing to fans of invigorating post-punk rhythms that bring with them the lyricism and sensitivity of the new wave and synthpop bands of the 80s. The band uses instruments that we are not used to encounter in this type of music and have very unique and beautiful vocals. We will have the chance to enjoy all of this during the band’s appearance on Sunday (9/6) at 16.35 in Volkspalast Kantine.

Double Echo‘s album ‘Period Rooms’ has featured on our playlist for October 2017. The band’s sound is coldwave and post-punk, is characterized by bass riffs that nod to Joy Division and very atmospheric/dreamy vocals. We will enjoy them on Saturday (8/6) at 18.20 in Stadtbad.

Die Nerven, a post-punk band from Stuttgart, has been active since 2012 but never performed at WGT. Their latest album entitled ‘Fake’ was released last year and is characterized by pulsating rhythms, heavy and melodic guitar riffs and passionate/aggressive vocals. There are melodic and rhythmic alterations within this band’s music. which distinguishes them from other bands of similar style. You can enjoy them on Saturday (8/6 at 21.10 in Haus Leipzig). Faelder released their debut album last year and have never performed at WGT before. Their deep darkwave sound brought us back to the early days of Diary of Dreams and beyond. It will be a unique chance to enjoy this band perform live at the festival on Sunday at 17.30 in Agra.

Geometric Vision, a favourite post-punk band from Italy, has also never performed live at WGT. Their motivational guitar riffs and rhythms and their strong influences from the Cure will definitely keep us dancing throughout their set. We will enjoy them on Monday 10/6 at 17.00 in Haus Leipzig. It was a great surprise to see Human Tetris being included in this year’s line up. It will be great to enjoy their music live as they have never performed at WGT before. The band reformed in 2016 and released one album entitled ‘River Pt.1’ in 2016 and the EP ‘Memorabilia’ in 2018. Their sound has new wave and post-punk elements, dynamic rhythms and motivational guitar riffs. You can enjoy them on Monday 10/6 at 19.40 in Haus Leipzig.

Imperial Black Unit, is a band which has released 3 EPs so far, has never performed at WGT and whose sound is inspired by that of earlier industrial bands such as Cabaret Voltaire and Klinik. You can enjoy them on Monday 10/6 at 16.00 in Volkspalast Kantine. Similarly, Spit Mask, is a band with one debut EP released in 2016 who channels their influences from 80s industrial sound through distortion, dystopic sonic environments and captivating synth rhythms. Fans of the early sound of Skinny Puppy will love this band. Catch them on Monday 10/6 at 20.30 in Moritzbastei.

Radioaktivists, the new side project of Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, IDK) with Frank M. Spinath, Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg, Sascha Lange, has released one album last year entitled ‘Radioakt One’. Their sound, electro/industrial which glorifies the synthesizer as a creator of great energies and powerful soundscapes. It will be great to enjoy the band live for the first time at WGT on Monday at 22.40 in Moritzbastei.

She Pleasures Herself, is a band that we have been waiting to see perform live since the release of their debut album ‘Fetish’ which we included in our monthly playlist for January 2017. Their unique vocals, their influences from the sound of She Wants Revenge and the overall darkness and gothic sensuality and melancholy that is revealed through their lyrics, makes this band a favourite of the dark alternative scene. We will enjoy them on Sunday 9/6 at 22.00 in Moritzbastei.

Jungstötter a.k.a  Fabian Altstötter concludes our list of new bands that you must see in the festival. He released his debut album entitled ‘Love Is‘ earlier this year and the fact that he combines Nick Cave’s dark folk sound and the lyricism of David Sylvian and Antony Hegarty, was impressive enough to gain our undivided attention. This is a talented musician who has been touring with Soap & Skin this year and has never performed at WGT before. He will be live on stage on Friday (7/6) at 19.30 in Schauspielhaus and we cannot wait to start the festival by attending his gig.

Older and favourite bands

Nitzer Ebb, a favourite EBM/ industrial band that has worldwide devotees, will be returning to Leipzig after 8 years and will set the stage of Agra Hall on sonic fire on Saturday (8/6) at 22.35.

For fans of ritual dark ambient sound, the name Coph Nia is a sacred one. And yet, this quite elusive band has not performed in Leipzig since 2007 despite the fact that it has resumed its live performances in the last few years. The band will perform on Friday (7/6) at 18.55 in Volkspalast Kantine.

Cat Rapes Dog a band that was active from 1984 to 1999 and released a new album entitled ‘Life Was Sweet‘ in 2013 which has more prominent EBM aesthetics. In the beginning, towards the end of the 1980s, the sound of the band was minimalist in its aesthetic and industrial in its atmosphere and followed the trail that Cabaret Voltaire had formed. Cat Rapes Dog will reunite for an exclusive show during this year’s festival and you can enjoy them on Sunday (9/6) at 22.30 in Haus Leipzig.

Camerata Mediolanense a band that is instantly recognised by the characteristic vocal pitch of its lead singers and the piano melodies of the talented Elena Previdi, has not performed in Leipzig since 2013. ‘Le Vergini Polli‘ was the title of their latest album, released in 2017  and it seemed to have been inspired by a collection of poems with the same title, published in 1907 by Amelia Guglielminetti and released for the first time online in 2012. The band will perform live on Friday (7/6) at 20.00 in Volkspalat Kuppelhalle. Camerata Mediolanense has changed its sound since the 90s  when they released their first albums, they have softened the ritual elements of it and focused on more symbolic themes within their lyrics putting more emphasis on lyricism and melody. Gitane Demone quartet is the new project of this former collaborator of Rozz Williams. The band was introduced to us through the release of two albums ‘Past The Sun’ and ‘Substrata Strip’ and we can enjoy them live on Friday (7/6) at 20.40 in Täubchenthal. Gitane Demone has performed solo in 2013 and is definitely a musician that one has to see live at least once.

Inade, a favourite dark ambient band, will return to Leipzig after 8 years and will spread a ceremonial sonic spell all around Volkspalast Kuppelhalle on Monday 10/6 at 19.15.

UK Decay, will return to Leipzig after 5 years and will remind us of the timeless spirit of punk in the late 70s. The band has released its latest album entitled ‘New Hope For The Dead’ in 2013 and will perform on Friday 7/6 at 22.20 in Täubchenthal.

Mila Mar is an ethereal/neoclassical band that we have loved very much since their early days. It has seemed that they stopped releasing new music after 2003 and 2007 was the last time their singer performed at WGT as MiLù. One EP entitled ‘Haime‘ was released last year probably as a teaser for an upcoming album. It will be fascinating to see how the band has evolved its sound in the last 16 years. The band will perform live on Sunday (9/6) at 21.20 in Heidnisches Dorf.

Waldträne will return to WGT after 3 years and will allow us to enjoy them more than once in different venues throughout this festival. It is not yet clear which dates, times and venues this band will perform at, therefore please check the final printed schedule of the festival.

Finally, Unto Ashes, have always offered memorable performances at WGT, the last of which happened in 2015 when the band was the closing act at Schauspielhaus on the last day of WGT. This year, as before, they will be joined by Sonne Hagal on stage. There is an upcoming album expected to be released later this month that is entitled ‘Pretty Haunted Things‘. In this album, Unto Ashes have put into music two poems, one by Emily Brontë entitled ‘Fall Leaves Fall’ and one by Edgar Allan Poe entitled ‘Alone’. Within this album there will also be a cover of Gary Numan’s ‘My Dying Machine’, performed using Arabic and Oriental instruments. We will have the unique opportunity to enjoy this album performed live on Monday (10/6) at 22.20 at Schauspielhaus.

Having said all that, it would be a mistake not to mention that Das Ich, a one of its kind, all-time favourite, darkwave gothic band, is always offering powerful shows and will do the same this year, Hante and Kaelan Mikla two much-loved coldwave music projects, will definitely leave some fans out of the venues where they are scheduled to perform, while gothic rock legends London After Midnight and The Soft Moon will gather some die-hard fans around them to which they will offer very special shows.

Whether you will follow our suggestions or make different choices, we are sure that you will all have a wonderful time this year as well!

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