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2014 has been a year full of great live events and the list of forthcoming gigs is growing by the week. It seems as if the two mini festivals that were organised by Sowilo Media and Pax Romana Promotions at the Underworld and at The Electrowerkz, were just the beginning and my decision not to go to this year’s WGT and stay in London, was justified.

Fire+ Ice, While Angels Watch, Knotwork live at The Underworld

Even though doors opened a bit later than expected, stage times were respected and we had the chance to enjoy the music of Knotwork as they opened this mini festival. As I’ve mentioned in the introductory text, Knotwork is the side project of Michael Moynihan, Annabel Lee and Robert Ferbrache which also form Blood Axis. Knotwork have veryKnotwork_4 recently released the EP entitled ‘3×3’ which makes reference to the quarternary celtic knot. The central artwork at the cover of this LP combines forms which allude to the triskelion  and to different versions of the triple spiral at the same time, therefore its meaning could be a combination of things. However it should be taken into account that the use of circles around Celtic knots (as is the case with this artwork) seem to represent spiritual unity with the devine. If you attempt to look for the significance of celtic knots independently, you will probably conclude that they are open to interpretation even though they seem to have something in common; they signify a spiritual journey, so this would be a nice question to ask the band sometime. Listening to Knotwork’s set list I realised that their music is directly influenced by traditional Knotwork_1Irish sounds. The essence and warmth of Irish music can only be revealed during a live performance as is the case for acoustic folk music, country, blues and jazz. (more…)

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July seems to be one of these months which offer a nice combination of live gigs by long time loved bands of the dark scene who pay a visit to London!
I feel compelled to talk a bit about the headliners of these two live events: Fire+ Ice and Kirlian Camera and this is the first part which will focus on Fire+Ice

First things first, the gig ‘Fire+ Ice, While Angels Watch and Knotwork‘ should actually be called ‘Fire+ Ice, (Blood Axis side project )Knotwork and While Angels Watch‘, since Knotwork is actually formed by Blood Axis with an additional member Don Schabner who has provided backing vocals and plays the guitar in the recently released EP ‘3×3’. It is rare and not expected to see Annabel Lee and Michael Moynihan live so we have to point this out since they occasionally perform songs by Blood Axis when they play as Knotwork. For this tour Blood Axis’ producer and member Robert Ferbrache is joining Annabel Lee and Michael Moynihan playing the guitar.The poster describes the music of Knotwork as traditional however this is not such an very accurate description and listening to the four songs of the EP will help you more. (more…)

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