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July seems to be one of these months which offer a nice combination of live gigs by long time loved bands of the dark scene who pay a visit to London!
I feel compelled to talk a bit about the headliners of these two live events: Fire+ Ice and Kirlian Camera and this is the first part which will focus on Fire+Ice. 

First things first, the gig ‘Fire+ Ice, While Angels Watch and Knotwork‘ should actually be called ‘Fire+ Ice, (Blood Axis side project )Knotwork and While Angels Watch‘, since¬†Knotwork is actually formed by Blood Axis with an additional member Don Schabner who has provided backing vocals and plays the guitar in the recently released EP ‘3×3’. It is rare and not expected to see Annabel Lee and Michael Moynihan live so we have to point this out since they occasionally perform songs by Blood Axis when they play as Knotwork. For this tour Blood Axis’ producer and member Robert Ferbrache is joining Annabel Lee and Michael Moynihan playing the guitar.The poster describes the music of Knotwork as traditional however this is not such an very accurate description and listening to the four songs of the EP will help you more. (more…)

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