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The Cult announce new album and live gig in London!

Album title: Hidden City

Release Date: February, 5, 2016

Cooking Vinyl

Tracklist: 1. Dark Energy/2.No Love Lost/3. Dance The Night/4.In Blood/5.Birds Of Paradise/6. Hinterland/7. GOAT/8. Deeply Ordered Chaos/9. Avalanche Of Light/10. Lillies/11.Heathens/12. Sound And Fury

81WpX3CP+wL._SL1500_The Cult were formed in Bradford in 1983 under the name Southern Death Cult. The significance of the name of the band was twofold: In one part, it was a reference to the term ‘Southeastern ceremonial complex’ that was used to encapsulate stylistic similarities that were found in different cultural aspects of the Mississipi area between 1200-1650. At the same time, ‘Southern Death Cult’ was a way to criticize the fact that London was (and still is), the city where most cultural and economic activities were being concentrated. ‘Southern Death Cult’ was eventually shortened to ‘Death Cult’ and then to the simpler ‘The Cult’ and this has been the name under which we have known the band for many years.


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