The Cult announce new album and live gig in London!

Album title: Hidden City

Release Date: February, 5, 2016

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Tracklist: 1. Dark Energy/2.No Love Lost/3. Dance The Night/4.In Blood/5.Birds Of Paradise/6. Hinterland/7. GOAT/8. Deeply Ordered Chaos/9. Avalanche Of Light/10. Lillies/11.Heathens/12. Sound And Fury

81WpX3CP+wL._SL1500_The Cult were formed in Bradford in 1983 under the name Southern Death Cult. The significance of the name of the band was twofold: In one part, it was a reference to the term ‘Southeastern ceremonial complex’ that was used to encapsulate stylistic similarities that were found in different cultural aspects of the Mississipi area between 1200-1650. At the same time, ‘Southern Death Cult’ was a way to criticize the fact that London was (and still is), the city where most cultural and economic activities were being concentrated. ‘Southern Death Cult’ was eventually shortened to ‘Death Cult’ and then to the simpler ‘The Cult’ and this has been the name under which we have known the band for many years.

It’s all catchy name! It’s not that it’s just weird or anything. It’s not really talking about London…perhaps the impression you get from the word London. The control that comes from such a place. All the main branche of government are in London, all the main branche of the military, the media, the music business, the multinational companies, so in a way London is a source of all the discontentment… The name is a subtle hint about those people who have control. (Ian Astbury,extract from an interview)

The band has experienced two break ups and several changes in their line up as there were numerous bassists and drummers that have collaborated with them. In 2006 the band reformed for the last time and did a series of worldwide tours. Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy are the only constant members of the band since 1983. The sound of The Cult has many influences and constantly defies any categorisation despite the fact that there are obvious references to punk, gothic rock and classic rock music throughout their releases. The distinct character, dynamism and tone of the vocals by Ian Astbury and the instantly recognisable guitar playing of Billy Duffy have been the defining elements of the sound of this band ever since their formation. Even though for me the albums ‘Dreamtime’ and ‘Love’ haven’t been surpassed by any of the releases that followed, the band has always had a unique rhythmic flow in their music. The album ‘Born Into This’ marked a difference in the style of the band in many ways but didn’t radically change their character. ‘Born Into This’ was memorably heavier than any other release of The Cult and especially the sound of the instruments had a unique depth throughout. This album has even surpassed ‘Electric’ that was distinctly ‘heavier’ in style (vocals, guitar playing) than the albums that preceded it. The Cult have extensively toured in North and South America throughout their career, they have played live in Australia, New Zealand Brazil, South Africa, Japan and have toured with Bauhaus, Theatre of Hate, Aerosmith and Metallica.

‘Hidden City’

There is a special positively charged sentiment that follows the news about a new release or a gig by a favourite artist. And this feeling enveloped me when I learned about the release of the 10th studio album by The Cult entitled ‘Hidden City’ on February 5, 2016. This album is said to be part of a trilogy that started with ‘Born Into This’ and ‘Choice of Weapon’ and it has been produced by Robert Jens Rock a.k.a “Bob” Rock who has also produced three albums of the band, ‘Sonic Temple’ (1989) ‘The Cult’ (1994), ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ (2001). Bob Rock has also worked as a sound engineer and producer with many musicians among which are Aerosmith, Metallica, Mötley Crüe. The three songs that have been released so far by the band Hinterland, Deeply Ordered Chaos and Dark Energy hint at yet another album with deep sound and heavy guitar playing. “Deeply Ordered Chaos” in particular caught our attention because the lyrics make many references to the social and migrant crisis that Europe is facing and whose consequences are becoming more and more evident and thought provoking! Chills are climbing up our spines when we hear Astbury singing ‘Is this the Western dream?‘ The Cult will be starting a US tour from February 4th, 2016 and they will play live in London’s O2 Brixton Academy on February 27, 2016. You can preorder ‘Hidden City’ by following this link and you can purchase tickets for this gig through this link:

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