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card_2015_bWhat a better place to remember all the feelings, thoughts and moods that the music of the year that ended has created, than the place where I was NOT planning to make up my New Year’s Resolutions! 2015 was a year where I was making decisions at the last minute (this is not like me by the way). It was a year where I was pleasantly ‘shaken up’ by rhythms and melodies. During 2015 I attended the worst gig and the worst theatrical performance of my life. Somebody pointed out to me that everything happens for a reason and this was where I immediately thought that these worst performances defined the worst standard for any spectacle! 2015 was a tough year worldwide and this is perhaps the reason that so much good music was created. Blauerosen listened to 187 albums attentively and went to as many gigs as it was humanely possible. 2016 has already given us a taste of what comes next and we can only promise you that we will be listening every release that triggers our interest in any way. Be creative, Be positive, Be true to yourselves and listen to music that inspires you!

Have a great 2016!

This was the soundtrack of Blauerosen in 2015!  


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A musical trip through emotional and spatial labyrinths and imaginary worlds

This was a promising gig with Red Sun Revival, And Also The Trees and Eden House sharing the stage of O2 Academy Islington. Even though I was too late and didn’t see the whole show of Red Sun Revival, I have recently listened to the band supporting Diary of Dreams at The Purple Turtle club and I must admit that I like them a lot. This is a promising band which focuses on traditional gothic music in terms of aesthetics and vocals. The electric violin, which is an instrument not commonly used in gothic music, is a very welcome addition and enriches the sound of the band while making it unique.

…when I came to your house there was noone around so I went to your room…

It’s been five and-also-the-trees-hunter-not-the-huntedyears since I last saw And Also The Trees live at the Luminaire in Kilburn. That was a more intimate concert since the space was more theatrical than O2 Academy Islington and the band didn’t have to perform between groups which were completely incompatible in terms of aesthetics and music genre.

Nevertheless, And Also The Trees are excellent musical narrators and have the unique capacity to make the audience focus solely on their music and transfer us magically to the worlds of their songs; and everybody was ready and in the mood for such musical and spiritual trips. I found myself wanting to draw sketches for each song, as the lyrics stimulated my imagination! (more…)

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