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card_2015_bWhat a better place to remember all the feelings, thoughts and moods that the music of the year that ended has created, than the place where I was NOT planning to make up my New Year’s Resolutions! 2015 was a year where I was making decisions at the last minute (this is not like me by the way). It was a year where I was pleasantly ‘shaken up’ by rhythms and melodies. During 2015 I attended the worst gig and the worst theatrical performance of my life. Somebody pointed out to me that everything happens for a reason and this was where I immediately thought that these worst performances defined the worst standard for any spectacle! 2015 was a tough year worldwide and this is perhaps the reason that so much good music was created. Blauerosen listened to 187 albums attentively and went to as many gigs as it was humanely possible. 2016 has already given us a taste of what comes next and we can only promise you that we will be listening every release that triggers our interest in any way. Be creative, Be positive, Be true to yourselves and listen to music that inspires you!

Have a great 2016!

This was the soundtrack of Blauerosen in 2015!  


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