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1. Nevermore/ 2. Farewell/ 3. Forever And A Day/ 4. The Ride/ 5. Where The Winds Don’t Blow/ 6. Crystal Palace/7. Why The Stars/ 8. The Lights Of Our Street/ 9. Those Hills/ 10.Eternal Sun/11.The Swan Song/12. Portuguese Trails/13. Pilgrim

Chrom Records, August 2014

An album which can be perceived as being the ‘mould’ that was used for the creation of all the previous albums

R-5964948-1407577883-9741They say that everyone goes out into the streets they say that spring is back in Town. And people looking at each other and no one will be left alone…

It is true that the biggest ‘enemy’ of bands with such a long discography, as Deine Lakaien, is themselves. It’s been 4 years since the release of their previous album ‘Indicator’ and even though I didn’t expect something specific from this album, I was looking forward to its release. At the same time, ‘Indicator’ had reassured me that Deine Lakaien haven’t exhausted their creativity, nor their sources of inspiration. After that album I wouldn’t be surprised if we listened to something equally dynamic and interesting as ‘ Dark Star ’ and ‘ Love Me To The End ’.

Crystal Palace’ borrows the name of the homonymous building which was constructed in 1851 in London, in order to host the ‘Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations’. Even though the band doesn’t seem to have any intention to refer to this building, the fact that this album is entitled ‘Crystal Palace’ creates confusion. (more…)

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tokeeTokee a.k.a  Anatoly Grinberg has just released his fifth full length album called ‘Bouquiniste‘. Tokee focuses mainly on idm, ambient, psych trance sounds which he mixes with dexterity . It is remarkable how the main theme of each song is recurring throughout the song and is not lost as is usually the case with psych trance and ambient music. It is not common to listen to the musical thoughts of a musician from Tel Aviv who has also been taught by Frank Zappa’s sound engineer, Ami Hadani. Hadani, was also a general in the Israeli Air Force and founder of TTG Studios. (more…)

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