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It is one thing to celebrate a birthday with a gig, it is quite another to simultaneously celebrate the career and all the things an artist has offered us so far and has achieved personally. The purpose of the half day gig that we are about to present, is exactly this. Having as a starting point Johny Brown’s birthday, ‘The Devil Has A Hold On The Land, scheduled for May 27th, will feel like riding a multisensory carousel. The experience will be guided by carefully selected musicians, artists and DJs with many points of reference that will start with folk rock, embrace their improvisational moods, become highly experimental and conceptually intriguing and conclude with the always visually stimulating, loud, melodic, emotionally generous but never betraying its punk character, live performance of Band of Holy Joy. So, clear your day on May 27th because The Devil does indeed have a hold on the land…Without further a do, here are a few words about the participating acts: (more…)

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