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logo_section5b-01So, 2017 has rolled up its ‘sleeves’ and has been running wild on the music front. We are only 14 days in 2017 and we have had more than a dozen debut album releases and many more upcoming ones!

Below you will read a few words about the first releases that caught Blauerosen’s attention so far.

The big news for us is the release of a new 12” EP entitled ‘Reflection’ by Geneviève Pasquier on January 22, 2017. We haven’t heard from this favourite musician of ours for a few years now and we were delighted to read that she is due to release new work soon! In addition to that, members from Cinema Strange, Blink 182 and Lost Tribe, have formed a new project called The thewraithWraith and their first EP entitled ‘Shadow Flag EP‘ will be released on January 17, 2017. The two already released tracks so far, reveal a more traditional punk sound (as opposed to the deathrock sound of Cinema Strange) with heavy guitars nonetheless and vocal styles that are mostly encountered in metal bands. Taking into account the work of all three bands, this project is expected to be much more than the sum of its parts.We can’t be more impatient for this release!


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