Daemonia Nymphe is a Greek band created by Spyros and Pandelis Giasafakis in 1994 and since then, they have inspired their audience in Europe incessantly, by offering a unique combination of strong and dynamic melodies, interesting rhythmic and stylistic alterations within their compositions as well as unforgettable live performances. Daemonia Nymphe are collaborating with a dexterous manufacturer of traditional music instruments in Greece, Nikolaos Brass, who is providing them  with hand made ancient greek instruments which are resurrected through the band’s music. Thus the band is offering a unique experience to their audiences to see and listen to these instruments on stage. To those of you who will listen to this band for the first time, I can only say that the sound  is unique, drawing inspiration from  traditional greek music, world, eastern and balkan music traditions and creating an original sound with unending inspiration with the contribution of various collaborators throughout their career. Their previous performance at The Lexington of London which was dedicated to their latest album called ‘Psychostasia’ has been registered as an emotionally strong one by  this ethereal/ethnic/traditional but overall authentic band, Daemonia Nymphe. Daemonia Nymphe have presented  ‘Psychostasia: The Performance‘ on 23/3/14 at Riverside Studios in London which was very well attended and offered a complete picture of what the homonymous album is about. Since we cannot have enough of this band who offer a visually, musically and artistically interesting performances, I encourage all of you to attend this live at the Garage.


Spiritual Front, is a band based in Italy and has been inspired by the movie ‘Querelle‘ by W.R Fassbinder according to Simone ‘Hellvis’ Salvatori. Having released their first album in 1999  called ‘Songs For The Will’ by Old Europa Cafe the band has produced 7 studio albums since then. Especially the albums ‘Rotten Roma Casino‘ and ‘Black Hearts In Black Suits‘ were tributes to W.R. Fassbinder but Pier Paolo Pasolini along with Ingmar Bergman and Marquis de Sade have also been strong influences for the band. Their music has always been combining in a unique, dark but also seductive way, indie-rock, acoustic folk, the excellent rhythm of 3/4 of waltz and tango music. The orchestration is always done in a way that enhances the meaning of the lyrics and the rich sound coming from different instruments, places this band at the list of our favourite ones. Simone Salvatori has a personal and unique performing style that heightens even more the lyrics and the rhythmical changes in each song.Cynicism, harsh ideas coupled with sensitive melodies and the desire to present the notions of controversy, bisexuality and orgy through music, are defining elements of this band. In 2014 Spiritual Front released a 12” EP called ‘Vladimir Central‘ in a limited edition of 200 handnumbered and signed (by Simone) copies. A few days ago Spiritual Front with Lydia Lynch and Cypress Grove, have released the split album called ‘Twin Horses” in vinyl and cd formats, which is available through the band’s official shop. It’s been a long time since we had the chance to see Spiritual Front as a full band play live so their upcoming live performance is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy their music!

Sieben has traced a path in music since 1999 with the album ‘Forbid The Sun’s Escape’ now out of print and sold out as are most of his earlier albums. Even though the atmosphere and melodies of this first album were never to be evolved or reappear, Sieben has continuously evolved its sound, unveiling, with each new album, different hidden aspects of the band’s personality. The looped nature of Sieben’s music and the dexterous layering of vocals and instruments create invisible spaces with infinite depth filled with multiple and complex meanings.Sieben has collaborated with various musicians over the years in the albums ‘Forbid The Sun’s Escape’, ‘The Line And The Hook’, ‘Ogham Insite The Night’ and the latest ‘Each Divine Spark’. Tony Wakeford was transformed completely when he contributed vocals to the song ‘First Witchwords’ of the first album, while Jane Howden, April Howden, Sarah Jay Howley and Monica Richards have been the backing vocals over the years. Sieben has also participated in the album called ‘Faun &The Pagan Folk Festival Live’ by Faun and along with cellist Jo Quail have formed RASP in 2013. RASP released their first album in 2014 which is called ‘Radiate- Power-Words‘. Matt Howden is a very active musician who also teaches music technology, composition, business, performance and arrangement and has been inspiring young students as he further develops his own personality as a musician. Using his name, he has composed instrumental music for films (i.e. ‘ Águas Furtadas & Outras Ausências, Antlers Of Reason’, ‘Torpor Revisited’, ‘Cosmos’, ‘Where Her Dreams End’) and documentaries (i.e. ‘Dambusters Declassified, ‘Robot World’).

“I don’t usually even write a set list until I’ve seen the space and been able to determine whether people will be standing or sitting, or if there’ll be any bounce-back off the walls.  If the atmosphere and acoustic shape of a room makes people calm and settled then I’ll play a gentler set…” (from a recent interview with Sieben)

This is a musician who takes the audience and the space where each performance is to take place, very seriously and this can only be an indication of the unique character of each live concert.

The upcoming live of these three bands at the Garage is definitely promising to be one of the most memorable ones of 2015. You can buy tickets by following this link:https://www.facebook.com/events/227548120748859/

The text below is the official press release:

Blaue Rosenbox

Daemonia Nymphe at The Garage, London

Supporting Acts: Spiritual Front, Sieben
Venue: The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, at beginning of Holloway Road, opposite Highbury & Islington tube station, N5 1RD.
Dates: Saturday 24th of January 2015
Time: Doors open: 6:00pm
Tickets: £13.00
Age Suitability: 18+

Daemonia Nymphe, the world music ensemble known for their haunting music rooted in ancient myths & stories, played on ‘ancient’ Greek instruments with atmosphere created by masks, costume and hypnotic dances will perform songs from their latest album ‘Psychostasia’ as well as all their previous albums ‘The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs/Tyrvasia’, ‘Daemonia Nymphe’ and ‘Krataia Asterope’.  They will also perform for the first time new compositions from their upcoming album and music from their theatre works!! With special guests Spiritual Front from Italy and Sieben from the UK.

Daemonia Nymphe are: Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou: vocals, reproductions of ancient Greek instruments, guitar, bag-pipes, percussion

Session musicians: Rey Yusuf: female vocals, Stephen Street: double bass, Mike Perry: drums, percussion, Peter Ulrich: percussion

Dancers/performers: Denise Moreno, Sile Gutrod

Sound engineer: Ben Ellis

Light designer: Alex del Bondio

Hair stylist: Chrysostomos Chamalidis

Video Projections: Yiannis Katsaris

‘Ancient’ Greek Instruments manufacturer: Nikolaos Brass

Official trailer for event


fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/227548120748859/

Press Quotes
Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou compose and improvise dark, ethereal music on ancient Greek instruments reproduced for them by craftsman Nikos Brass. Wailed Greek lyrics taken from Hellenic literature and a whole load of masks and ancient costume make for a captivating live experience.

Time Out
An internationally acclaimed Greek duet whose music and lyrics are inspired by the ancient Greek civilization. Instruments similar to those used in ancient Greece, recitation of classical texts and a goth, dark soundscape reminiscent of Dead Can Dance.

Athens Voice

The performance is accompanied throughout by fantastic compositions from Daemonia Nymphe, a two person musical group who play a blend of traditional and more recognisable instruments. The music moves between providing a moody background to taking centre stage with songs sung ensemble by the ‘Greek chorus’, an impressive contemporary take on the ancient practice of singing and dancing through much of the drama.

(Medea) Plays to See

I cannot end without praising Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou for the hauntingly beautiful music performed on reproductions of ancient Greek instruments

(Medea) Everything Theatre

Daemonia Nymphe has a unique brand of Greek-inspired folk music. Mostly playful and floaty, the acoustic songs are beautifully fragile … this show feels like a strange dream where a Venetian ball meets pagan rituals.

(Psychostasia-The Performance) Everything Theatre 

It is further complimented by live music composed by Daemonia Nymphe and performed by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou. These haunting tones underpin many of the scenes and further add to the melancholy of the piece.

(Medea) What’s Peen Seen

About Daemonia Nymphe

Daemonia Nymphe (Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou) is an ethereal world music ensemble, the first artists worldwide to compose and perform improvisations with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments manufactured by Nikolaos Brass. Credits include: ten albums on labels of several nationalities (German, Italian French), live performances in Austria, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Greece (headliners in Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Ethereal Fest (Spain), Caivano Arte Fest (Italy), invited at Psalm/Styriarte Festival (Austria), Exhibition Road Fest (UK), music composition for short films, documentaries (Treasures of Athens and Olympia/channel 5), theatre (Theatre Lab Company) and stand-up comedies (Colin Quinn’s Long Story Short Broadway, New York), singing contribution(with LBC) to Neil Davidge’s (Massive Attack) score for the game ‘Halo’ 4, collaboration with international musicians Peter Ulrich (ex-Dead Can Dance), Dessislava Stefanova (London Bulgarian Choir), Psarantonis, Dimitra Galani, Alkinoos Ioannides and Louisa John Krol among others, and compilations by European and International labels which include songs by Daemonia Nymphe along with tracks by Lisa Gerrard, Loreena McKennitt, Ladytron and many others.




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Nearest Tube: Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line )

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