The soundtrack of 2014

Posted: 4th February 2015 by blaue-rosen in Music News,press releases

1. Bisclaveret– Album: Theu Anagnosis, Song: Humani Sanctus

2. Oil 10– Album: Modularium, Song: Eternal Sunshine

3. Hologram_ – Album: Geometrical Keys, Song: Holy Haunted Box

4. Anthroprophh– Album: Outside The Circle, Song:Outside The Circle

5. Näo– Album: III, Song: Into

6. Mlada Fronta– Album: Polygon, Song: Polygon 1


6. Mobthrow– Album: Unfolded, Song: Cruise Me

7. Eyescream– Album: Noir, Song: Void Her Majesty

8. Laibach– Album: Spectre, Song: Eurovision

9. Qntal– Album: VII, Song: In Dem Begyn

10. Wovenhand– Album: Refractory Obdurate, Song: Hiss

11. Tuxedomoon– Album: Pink Narcissus, Song: Triumphant Procession

12. Ataraxia– Album: Wind At Mount Elo, Song: I Am

13. Her Name Is Calla– Album: Navigator, Song: Ragman Roll

14. Sieben-Album: Each Divine Spark, Song: Sleep, Clara Bow

15. Mani Deum– Album: When Beauty Ends, Song: Stories From A Bar

16. Last Ex- Album: Last Ex, Song: Trop Tard

17. Kline Coma Xero– Album: Kline Coma Xero, Song: Left Behind

18. Chinawoman– Album: Let\’s Part In Style, Song: Vacation From Love

19. Xiu Xiu– Album: Angel Guts:Red Classroom, Song: Stupid In The Dark

20. Dieter Meier– Album: Out of Chaos, Song: Loveblind

21. King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe– EP: Sing More Songs Together, Song: Be Free

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