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How do you all feel out there by the choices we have this autumn when it comes to live gigs ? I can confess that us here feel quite optimistic about the future of live music in London. Things might not be quite right yet but, hopefully they will soon be.

Following our previous article about the fascinating live gigs we are expecting this Autumn in London, we shall continue by stressing our fascination with the fact that The Fierce and The Dead will return on The Black Heart’s stage on the 14th of October with their heavy prog/psych sound and will allow us to experience their latest release ‘News from the Invisible World‘ live. This has been a particularly charged time as the band faced many challenges including health ones since the last time we enjoyed them live. Protomartyr are comingProtomartyr poster back to London on the 26th of October, 4 years after their previous incredible gig at the Scala and the release of a great new album ‘Formal Growth In the Desert‘.  We can’t wait to see them again as their unique sonic colour palette of punk is one we are very fond of! October will end with a much-anticipated gig of a new punk band called FEWS, who continue to impress and their latest offering also featured in our playlist for April 2023.

David Eugene Edwards posterThe absolute highlights for us are the gigs of David Eugene Edwards at OSLO on the 23rd of October and the London stops of ‘Deathcult’ the UK tour of The Cult on 20-23rd of November. The former, a magus of sound and words, has just released yet another mesmerising and addictively ceremonial album ‘Hyacinthe‘ while The Cult, who also featured in our playlist for October 2022, is an all-time favourite band with captivating stage presence, and a sound that constantly evolves and borrows elements from gothic rock, post-punk, rock, to always create something unique. As the first two dates sold out quite quickly, the band added a third date which at the time of writing this article, is not yet sold out!

These gigs will take us closer to the end of 2023 and we shall see what the winter brings then! Until then…keep being weird!


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