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Release Date: 15 January 2016

1.Love Someone Else/2. Victim/3.Beauty Is A Curse/4. Death To The Lovers/5. In The Back Room/6.Bullets/7. That Sinking Feeling/8. Without You/9. Suckers!/10.We Are The Flames/11. I’ll Let You Down

Skunk Anansie4 years after ‘Black Traffic’, Skunk Anansie came back roaring, at the beginning of 2016. The announcement of their 6th studio album was one of the reasons we were mentally ‘pushing’ 2015 away. My first impression of this album was influenced by the conceptual strength of its title…‘Anarchytecture‘! A word which encapsulates so many ideas even without lyrics and music. For the band,as it has been stated during interviews, the meaning of the word is symbolic and refers to the demanding task of organizing all the different,chaotic often,parts of their lives in such a way so that they can also dedicate themselves to the creation of a new album. As I listened to the album without a pause twice, I realized how this word gradually started to be filled with ideas, dynamism, notes and dare. I could write a whole essay based on the inspired word ‘anarchytecture’ but the fact is that very few groups could have supported such a strong title and even fewer musicians could have attempted to write music for the concept ‘anarchytecture’. Skunk Anansie is a band that has always used strong words, starting from their name which is a reference to both a superhero (Anansi) and a mammal. The word ‘skunk’ is a slang term for a bad person or even a drug. Dualities and opposite powers seem to fascinate this band as a concept, as one can conclude from almost all of their song titles and their lyrics. I like the way this band channels vindication through rock music following a path that has not been widely explored. With a strong rock feel at its core, the music of Skunk Anansie does not fall short of references to soul and even rap and psychedelic trance music. Skunk Anansie are unapologetic about their disappointment about certain things and the anger that comes with it and have left a strong mark on the rock music scene since the release of their first album in 1994. The titles of some songs tell half of the story and it is actually the live appearances of the band that completes the picture that Skin, Cass, Ace and Mark are sketching.


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