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COVEREXACTYX;1424721884370527;HopAlong1424721884370527.jpg;220;2201. The Knock/2. Buddy In The Parade/3. Horseshoe Crabs/4. Waitress/5. Happy To See Me/6. Texas Funeral/7. Powerful Man/8. I Saw My Twin/9. Well-Dressed/10. Sister Cities

Release Date: May 4 2015, Saddle Creek Records

Painted Shut’ the third studio album by Hop Along a.k.a Frances Quinlan (vocals), Mark Quinlan (drums), Tyler Long (bass) and Joe Reinhart ( guitar) is the first album of the band that is released by Saddle Creek Records. In addition the album was recorded and mixed by John Agnello who has worked with Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Sonic Youth among others.’The Knock’ begins without any introductions or a gradual build up of an atmosphere. The band requires us to be prepared for their music as prepared is the audience of a gig for the next song of the band that is on stage. Music with harsh guitars, lyrics that express desperation, anger and determination and an atmosphere dominated by numerous vocal changes. This album couldn’t be further away stylistically, from the previous one ‘Get Disowned’. So, as the title suggests, do ‘hop along’ and let yourselves be carried away by the ideas the music of the 10 songs in this album.



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