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Release Date: 23 August 2019

1.Passing Through/2. Never Arriving/3. The Weather/4. End of Days/5. Great Disguise/6.Conversation/7. Where I Am/8. Hard Way/9. Watch And Learn/10. Maps/11. Setting Sun

Label: Attack Attack Records, Ear Music

New Model Army coverHere we all are, almost at the end of another year which seems to have passed as quickly as a couple of months.  New Model Army have had something of grave importance to share with us about the state of things around us and their own attitude towards them; and they did so in the best way they could possibly do it, with a new powerful album entitled ‘From Here‘.

Whether, like us, you were intrigued to build a phrase around this album’s title or not, you must agree that it conceptually represents a sort of an ethical standpoint. Just imagine how these two words of the title would change if there was an exclamation mark at the end, a question mark, or if even if there was an ellipsis after them…What would precede these words if they came at the end of a sentence and what would this sentence talk about?


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“If I do something that depresses, it’s because political life and history is depressing”-Anselm Kiefer


August tends to be a ‘quiet’ month in terms of album releases as the attention is focused on outdoor festivals around the world. There have been instances where we have welcomed very powerful albums during August in the past and this year was no exception. If there is one word that could summarize the effect of all these albums, then this word would be ‘raw’. There was nothing ‘delicate’, gentle or calming about the music that we loved and which formed the soundtrack of the previous month and below you can find out why.

First of all New Model Army‘s new album ‘From Here‘ has brought with it, the sonic heaviness with logo playlistwhich they have ‘hit’ us with, in ‘Between Dog & Wolf’, a fascination with nature, a poetic, existential, introverted sincerity and political comments dressed in captivating metaphors and humour. Because of the fierceness and unapologetic manner with which the subjects of this album, have been communicated, we consider it to be the ‘guide’ of this whole soundtrack. Read more about what we loved in the heavy sound of this album here.



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