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20830eeb3b3114ee19c82acf6aee51bfad59e0dfIf making a sonic potion was ever a witch’s intention, then she would definitely have given it the name ‘Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat’! You wonder what this potion would be made of? Let me enlighten you…It would contain the following ‘ingredients’ : the themes sang passionately by David Tibet of Current 93,the ritual and repetitive aspect of religious music worldwide, elements from country music, the atmosphere of the music of indigenous people all entwined with the attitude towards the world and its affairs that is characteristic of punk.

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, a.k.a Stef Heeren, Matthias Debusshere and Rik de Maré, is a band that takes its name from a phrase that was used during the trials of the Templar Knights in France on 1308 in order to accuse them of being heretics and committing black magic! One of the plenty accusations during these trials, was that Templar knights worshipped an idol made of a cat which had a head with three faces. Many other accusations were added to this one but according to historians, none of these idols were ever produced.
Taking into account that ‘Kiss the anus of a black cat’ is a phrase that has been synonymous with ‘heresy’ since 1308, Stef Heeren couldn’t have chosen a more fitting name than K.T.A.O.A.B.C (abbreviation for Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat) for his band that perceives itself as a heretic organism. Through this band Stef Heeren is giving a music form to his many influences (among which are the ethics of anarchism).


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