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­…or else music for the citizens of metropolises

At the beginning there was the local, underground electronic music of Jamaica and the Carribean which around the 1990s entered the realm of mainstream music after passing through Bronx, Detroit and Chicago. This music trip that started around the middle of 1970s, in the decade of the 90s through various DJs, took different forms such as rave, techno, psychedelic trance, downtempo and many more. A different version of those genres, more melodic and enriched with elements from all of them, has emerged during the last few years, IDM or else Intelligent Dance Music. The audience of IDM music is wider, appreciates the spirituality of this music and has different characteristics th33_textan the audience of e.g. trance music. Responding to this growing number of IDM bands and to the appreciation of this music, since 2007, Tympanik Audio has embraced most of the musicians of this style by releasing some of their albums. Gigs of IDM musicians are rare therefore fans of this music style would rarely miss the opportunity to attend a show by any of the artists. IDM music is a rather lonely and personal endeavour with most bands being comprised of one or two members. Gigs by IDM music bands tend to create unique experiences as almost all of the bands, are inspired by the ambience of everyday stimuli which they translate to a complex yet very interesting soundscape and a lot of bands complement their music with visuals. By listening to IDM music one accesses multiple fields of consciousness that lead to different and personal spiritual universes.


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