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After listening to their latest beautiful album entitled ‘The Fellow Traveller‘ a few times, I just wanted to, theoretically, pick up the phone and congratulate The Frozen Autumn in person. It is precious to come across such inspired work.With this album, it is as if the band created an area of ‘light’ in this dystopian world. This is not an album that makes a critique to the conditions that envelope all of us, it is an album that makes us look ‘up’ and ‘over’ what is here now.It glorifies the synthesizers, it talks about voyages, it talks about space and most importantly it has humour, not dark humour but this gentle and kind humour that lifts the spirit up and soothes the heart.Because we liked this album so much that we included it in our soundtrack for 2017, we wanted to speak with The Frozen Autumn about their work and show them through our questions how much we appreciate what they have created.

It is not a given that a band replies sincerely to questions, it is not a given that a band will find an interview interesting and it is definitely not a given that positive feedback will be provided. All these great things happened and created the impression that the new year will be very exciting. The Frozen Autumn offered us their time in order to discuss about the new album, their new explorations as musical ‘travellers’, the visuals of the new album, the merits and complexities of the distribution of music on the web and their previous gig in London. If there is one extremely important conclusion to be drawn then it is this: unless ‘we’ (and by ‘we’, i mean organizers, venues, promoters, technicians etc) here in London get ‘our’ act together, we will not get to see this amazing band perform live again!This is what Diego and Froxeanne told us:


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