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Carter Tutti plays the ‘final’ live show of Chris&Cosey at Heaven

Before saying anything more about this gig I have to admit that even though I had every intention in the world to attend this last (as I realized) gig of Chris& Cosey at club Heaven, I didn’t have the necessary decisiveness to book a ticket on time! So it was due to a happy and welcomed coincidence that I purchased the last ticket for this sold out gig by a complete stranger 30’ before a record store closed for the day. But let’s take things from the beginning. I happened to pass by a record shop in Soho this past dark and cloudy Sunday, when I noticed on the window an announcement stating that in store one could buy ONE last ticket for this gig. Ignoring my certainty that this ticket would have been sold hours ago, I asked the staff and to my surprise it was still available at its face value!
Two hours later, I entered the notorious Heaven for the first time in the eight years I live in London. The space reminded me of my fascination for vaulted underground clubs and soon I was contemplating the closure of a favourite such club near London Bridge station. Respecting the announced stage times, Nisennenmondai appeared on stage and the first sequence of notes and rhythms, put all of us in trance. The playlist by the djs of Quietus had warmed up the atmosphere ideally with excellent choices of tracks, so the band’s music felt like a natural continuation of sounds. (more…)

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