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Xiu Xiu is not your average post punk/experimental band. They belong to the wider post punk scene but they actually create a music genre of their own. The band started in 2002 from San Jose in California and Angela Seo has joined Jamie Stewart in 2009. 

Last year Xiu Xiu played at Koko as the support band for Swans during ‘Mouth to Mouth’ mini festival which was curated by Michael Gira. During this live performance Jamie Stewart offered a rather acoustic set and the setlist included revisions of older country/gospel songs. This year, having already released two aesthetically opposite albums, the electrifying ‘Angel Guts: Red Classroom‘ and the more melodical/acoustic/country ‘Unclouded Sky‘, they are visiting London for two shows at Birthdays in Stoke Newington. On the 21st James Blackshaw will be the support band while on the 22nd Blood Music will be on stage before Xiu Xiu.

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