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Blood_Music_BirthdaysStage lighting in cold electric blue tone gave no indication of what were going to experience during this gig especially from the set of Blood Music. Personally, I was utterly unprepared for the sound and emotional vibrations that the support group would spread inside the venue. With two releases so far ‘Orphee/Sea of Leaves‘ and ‘Blood Music EP‘, Blood Music’s performance seemed to fulfill a personal goal for the band and their inventiveness when it came to playing instruments in unconventional ways seemed to impress everyone. They gave their all while playing. With abstract and hypnotic vocals they created a ritual atmosphere which echoed tribal ceremonies making them sound like a combination of Haus Arafna and Mind Necrosis Factor. However, as their inventiveness developed further the band found different ways of incorporating vocals with a hip hop aesthetic to their songs. It was a pleasure watching Simon Pomery handling so many instruments and switches while also singing, even though I found myself wondering whether the electric guitar would ‘survive’ his experiments. I will be expecting to see them live again soon as they created a feeling of eagerness in me.

Xiu Xiu appeared on stage in order to set up their instruments and already Jamie Stewart seemed on edge after throwing an empty beer bottle that was left on stage right next to a person in the audience. Respecting the announced stage times, Shayna Dunkelman and Jamie Stewart begun their show by performing some sort of salute to each other at the back of the stage. (more…)

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