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We had an idea about how overwhelming 2016 would be but the news keep coming and the year that has just started with some sad and devastating news, seems to be very promising on the front of album releases and gigs! I will start by order of the oldest musician.

Barry Adamson announces new album and show at Islington Assembly Hall on March 3, 2016.

Album titleKnow Where To Run

Release Date:February 19, 2016

Tracklist: 1. In Other Worlds/2.Cine City/3. Come Away/4.Hit Man Baby/5.Texas Crash/6. Claw And Wing/7. Mr Greed/8. Up In The Air/9. Death Takes A Holiday/10. Evil Kind

profileFour years have passed since Barry Adamson last appeared on stage of Queen Elizabeth Hall carrying two white maracas on his hands (he introduced them to us as ‘Dave’ and ‘Henry’). On January of that same year, 2012, the album ‘I Will Set You Free’ was released. This was an album that was moving in soul and funky rhythms with a few rock twists here and there .The sound of ‘I Will Set You Free was miles away from ‘Moss Side Story’, aesthetically different from ‘The King of Nothing Hill’ and closer to ‘Back To The Cat’.  Barry Adamson is a multifarious artist who, apart from music, has written, directed and scored a number of short films.Central Control International is the label that Barry Adamson has set up and through which he releases his music since 2006. Music that comes from a man like him, involved in many other artistic disciplines, is never a familiar kind of sound but always one that takes us to other dimensions or even shows us ‘the least travelled path’ in our familiar dimensions. Early in 2015 Barry Adamson announced that he was working on yet another more commercialundertaking which will culminate in the release of his 10th solo album entitled ‘Know Where To Run’ on February 19, 2016. (more…)

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