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…5 stories about bridging punk, theatre and a radio show

I am sure that if you have ever tuned in to Resonance FM on a Friday evening and you are not new to radio shows (or Resonance’s shows for that matter) you will know that BAD PUNK is not your typical broadcast. I have personally never come across a show where the time between the songs is equally important as the songs themselves. It is a logic similar to that of those painters who are equally interested in the colored area of the canvas as well as the space around them and the ‘dialogue’ between them. Every Friday night at 10pm the Band of Holy Joy, offer an hour where music is interjected by spoken word.It can either be a word, a verse or just a poetic way of presenting a song. The music that follows, enhances or stretches further the meaning of the words that precede it or is in direct contrast to them. In the end, you will probably conclude that all this does not matter, because the purpose is for us to be immersed to the atmosphere that Johny Brown is creating, so that after the show we can channel this energy into something else.


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