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Release Date: 8 May 2020

1.Leave The Winter On the Ground/2. Paint The Stars Tonight/3. Pretty Something, Never Was/4. Capulet Loves Montague/5. Gloomy Witch/6.Disease of The Divine/7. Dearly Beloved/8. Gloomy Witch (Düstere Hexe) Twin Tribes remix/9. Dearly Beloved Wisborg remix

Label: Negative Gain Productions

Where has this album found you? What is tormenting you? What frightens you? Have you accepted your Astari Nite coverillusions and fantasies with grace? Are you deep inside a dark place or on the outside looking in? ‘Here Lies‘, the new album by inspirational band Astari Nite, comes to soothe an intense pain so that it does not turn into self-hatred and bitterness. The nest that is depicted on the album’s cover is the first and most important clue to this change of atmosphere, while the poetic song titles offer glimpses of an emotionally mature and spiritually deeper approach into matters of the heart and mind.


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