Grau im Licht

1.Sinferno/2.Endless nights/3.Ikarus/4.Krank/5. Die my phobia/6. Grau im Licht/7. SinnFlut/8. HomeSick/9. Schuldig!/10.the Hunted/11. mitGift/12.Schwarz

Release Date: October 16, 2015 Accession Records

Just a year ago Diary Of Dreams released ‘Elegies In Darkness’ an album that made reference to favourite songs from almost all the previous releases of the band. If someone would like to describe darkwave genre, then the music of Diary Of Dreams should definitely be the starting point. The previous album was full with all the elements that define the sound and the character of this band. Motivating danceable electro rhythms and vocals that are making a statement about confidence, Grau_im_lichtdetermination and dynamism. Industrial aesthetics, carefully placed melodies within each song and an atmosphere that brings to mind the soundtrack of war and battle scenes in adventure movies. Adrian Hates is breathing life into all these elements in such a convincing and engaging manner that after listening to each album by the band, one feels stronger as a person! 

The artwork of all of the band’s albums has made such an impact that it has acquired the same importance as the titles of these albums. It is safe to say that even is one couldn’t remember the title of an album he/she would definitely remember the album’s cover! I have seen the band perform live many times in Germany, in Greece and in London and I always found it interesting when the make up on stage, was (most of the times) transferring to the audience some of the aesthetics of the albums’ covers.

Adrian Hates has been ‘teasing’ the band’s audience for the past month about the release of a new album and this has captured all of our attention making us anxious about any piece of information that would be released about this album. ‘Grau im Licht‘ or else ‘the grey that is coming to light’ will be the new title of this album which will be released by Accession Records the label of Adrian Hates, on October 16, 2015. Yesterday, the first of the twelve songs of this album was offered for a preview via soundcloud and as expected this first glimpse into the new album only made everyone longing for its release! We can hear operatic vocals in the midst of orchestral parts that bring to mind the revolting atmosphere of Carmina Burana  by Carl Orff. The album will be available in one artfully produced edition with hand painted artwork by the Spanish artist Damián Baena. Adrian Hates has already confessed that he considers the artwork of this album to be among “…the most beautiful ones we ever released…”. We can only be patient and anxious enough to listen to this album in a few days time. In the meantime ‘Grau im Licht’ is available to preorder from here: and here.

Blaue Rosen box

What follows is the official press release by Accession Records about ‘Grau im Licht‘:

” The overall feeling is unusually familiar – almost as if it was intrinsically tied to mankind. And yet, in the past few years it seems to be growing more and more acute. If you look at the world, it feels as if there is only one sensible reaction – to become emotionally numb or withering, or to despair completely. War, destruction, fanaticism, egoism, suffering and mourning as far as the eye can see. Everyone is fighting for themselves and for their own interests only, with nobody looking at the greater scheme of things. Just as always.
This is precisely the main focus of “Grau im Licht”, just as the media with its manipulation, dominated by national issues. Therefore, the 12 songs of the 12th album by Diary of Dreams are as dark and violent as can be expected. There is no shortage of grand gestures – dark rhythm bulwarks throw themselves against massive guitar strongholds, while electronic walls of sound carry Adrian’s charismatic vocals through the compositions. And of course the album also features the typical melodic-melancholic synth hymns and deep-delving ballads. Thus, this new work has become everything the perfect Diary of Dreams album should be: powerful, melancholic, irate, rousing and thought-provoking! Besides, “Grau im Licht” has become a statement – against the epidemic madness and for empathy and kindness.”

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