best albums 20222022 was not an easy year, in fact, it was in a sense, more difficult than the pandemic years because we all started coming to terms with the psychological aftermath of Covid 19. Musicians seemed to be at the forefront of an invisible and unofficial attempt to reinvigorate our passion for art and our sanity. They managed to do both Рor so it seems from the steady increase of people in live gigs. During 2022, we welcomed the return of Tears for Fears, Soft Cell, PLACEBO, The Cult, Qntal, Pecadores, Derni̬re Volont̩ and Rammstein.

Punk and post-punk music continue to inspire young bands who have offered captivating albums during this year. We particularly liked the releases of Dead Horses, Misfortunes, Lady Bird, and Grotto Terrazza. A special mention is due to TOKEE for his numerous releases and involvement in the production of incredible IDM albums this year, as well as to King Dude who released three albums in 2022, all different and addictive for the osmosis they achieved between country folk, dark synthpop and apocalyptic folk. We couldn’t even fathom the creation of a new project by Elizabeth Fraser (i.e. Sun’s Signature), let alone one that would manage to offer something equally inspiring as the work of This Mortal Coil; and yet this is exactly what 2022 offered. We also welcomed incredible debut albums from Alto Arc, Lady Bird, Merry Bloom, Sexblood and The Nest which we loved because they defied any categorisation and they dared to experiment with rhythms and forms in exciting ways. Blauerosen and Jointweird continued to haunt the airwaves with a monthly radioshow on Tak Tent Radio, showcasing the darkest and quirkiest of independent and underground music releases of each month and ‘cooking’ them using new sonic recipes. We will carry on in 2023 and we hope you can join us in celebrating the best and weirdest sounds out there. Until then…




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