We’ve waited too long for this album by Ataraxia and after the slight disappointment that the album/soundtrack ‘Spasms‘ offered, ‘Wind at Mount Elo‘ is expected to live up to our high hopes. After all Ataraxia is a music band with 21 years of history and a unique way of producing and performing ethereal, dark conceptual music. Francesca Nicoli is one of my favourite female singers and along with Diamanda Galas and Lisa Gerrard i think that she has a unique way of touching chords of our souls which nobody might have the chance or the ability to stimulate. A full album review will follow soon. The text below is the official press release from the band and the album is expected to be released on 25 June 2014:



On a day of Winter 2012, Springtime came.
At Mount Elo.
With the Wind.
Warm. Powerful. Radical.
When the wind of change comes and we are at the right moment in the right place, we strip down to the bones in a breath and rise like a perfume detaching from things.
Abruptly, our stomach is relieved so that we can feel like a part of the horizon.
“The new album will be called Wind at Mount Elo and when it’s out, bringing its breath out of us, we will be free”!
It’s two years and a half of our intimate life, the thick one inside each of us. It’s an album made of blood, nerves ans liver, come down to the underworld and come up again stuck to our flesh.
Lucid beginning of change. We celebrate this moment to the fullest.
As a primigenial act.
Music is born from the wild motion of the wind!

Blaue Rosen box

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