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An album that could have been the soundtrack of the homonymous 1954 thriller by Mick Eaton… or not

It’s great to listen to new albums by new artists but it is equally great to listen to new albums by favourite musicians, it’s like ‘meeting’ an old friend. ‘The Fellow Traveller‘ is the title of the latest album by The Frozen Autumn, that was released a few days ago through Echozone in Europe and Metropolis in North America. It is fair to say that this album is the most inspired that the band has released in years. New elements have been incorporated making the sound infinitely richer than their previous album ‘Chirality’ and the visuals that accompany the album, from the cover to the recently released video clip for ‘Tomorrow’s Life’, intriguing and aesthetically inspired to say the least. New subjects have been explored in the album which is evident from the song titles and the lyrics. Architectural references can also be identified in the visuals (i.e. cover, video clip), something that I personally find both fascinating and really fitting with the music and the overall style of the band.


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