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1. You And Me Should Leave Together Tonight/2. Winter Song/3. Sunny Day/4. Hausmania/5. Running Song/6. (I’ve Been) Bad On Emma/7. Headphones/8. Fugue/9. Edge of a Cloud/10. Your Line is Divine /11. On The Hill 

Release Date: January 22, 2016 Riot Factory

unnamedWhile we were anxious for 2016 to reveal itself, nobody was ready for the news that would shake the music world so much that life seemed to stand still for a few days. Our first album review for 2016 is being written in the aftermath of Ian Fraser Kilmister a.k.a Lemmy and David Jones a.k.a David Bowie’s passings. Yet somehow the debut album ‘Roaring At The Storm’ by Sauropod provided an outlet for all my anger, distress, sadness, disappointment and bitterness caused by these news.

If you find yourselves at the ‘eye of the storm’ would you like a soundtrack to accompany you?


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