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715q78U-a9L._SL1070_Peter Murphy needs no introductions. The voice of the legendary Bauhaus, dubbed ‘Godfather of Goth’, has always released music which has the quality of a very powerful magnet. Especially during his live shows, Peter Murphy reveals his unique and mesmerizing way of creating a different ‘character’ for each song and each story of the lyrics. Whether through powerful facial expressions and very expressive gestures or through these long baritone screams that make you believe that he calls from the other end of the world, Peter Murphy offers a theatrical delivery of every piece of music he has released!

I have been fortunate to have seen Bauhaus perform live at a special one off gig in O2 Brixton Academy and have never missed a single solo show by Peter Murphy in London in the last 8 years. My impression is the same and is only becoming stronger; He never ‘betrays’ the stories of the lyrics and never compromises on the aesthetics of a live show. Maybe the term ‘Godfather of Goth’ is actually true (in a symbolic way) and if it wasn’t, then Peter Murphy wouldn’t have inspired Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean to design the character of Dream based on him, nor would he had inspired the design of Eric’s face on James O’ Barr’s comic book ‘The Crow’.


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