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Just before this very interesting musical year is over, Nox Arcana and Qntal offer us many reasons to remember 2014 !

noxarcanaNox Arcana, is a band which is inspired by fantasy worlds, Gothic literature and aesthetics as the sleeves and the subjects of the stories in their albums reveal.  Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft along with the music tradition of the Middle East are just a few of the sources of inspiration for this band. Choral vocals that make reference at the early Gregorian choirs are transformed into melodical labyritnhs guided by the band’s imagination. Using bells, unusual percussion, synth and the fascination for composing music that trigger our imagination as well, Nox Arcana never disappoint their audience since the release of their first album in 2003. If you like ethereal and neoclassical bands such as Ataraxia and Collection d’Arnell Andrea, then Nox Arcana should be in your list of favourite bands. For me this band’s music had a similar effect with opening a music box, only more complex and darker than usual. Following last year’s festive season release called ‘Ebonshire Vol.1’, Nox Arcana released this year ‘Ebonshire Vol.2‘ which contains three new songs for us to enjoy. Since one year has passed since the release of their latest album called ‘Legion of Shadows’ this release increases our impatience for the band’s next album. (more…)

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