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purple_card2-01It’s nearly 17.30, the sun is down and I am drinking my personal ‘beverage of the year’, a white chocolate mocha. I started my new year’s resolutions by re-reading last year’s notes and I realized that the goals I had set, have been achieved more or less, through the precious company of very good music. 2016 was a morbid year for art (by general consensus) and it seems contextually obvious that the soundtrack of 2016 has already been written by all the musicians that are no longer with us. At the same time, we were also sad to learn that Tympanik Audio, a label that supported musicians that focus on experimental, IDM music, has been shut down due to financial difficulties.
Nevertheless, throughout this year new bands have been introduced through the release of remarkable albums (i.e Hypnopazuzu, Boy Harsher, Higher Authorities) and older favourite bands have released music of rare quality (i.e. Ataraxia, The Cult, Skunk Anansie, Suede, PJ Harvey). We equally liked whole albums as well as individual songs from other albums. We have been privileged to be in the audience in unforgettable gigs in London within this year, so much so that we strongly doubt that 2017 can ‘beat’ that. We will wave goodbye to 2016 with pleasure while acknowledging all the things that went right during 2016 (and they were few, but oh so important!). 

Have a great 2017!

This was the soundtrack of Blauerosen in 2016!  


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ManiDeum_Whenbeautyends 1. They Murdered Your Youth/2. Every Kiss Is A Carcrash/3. My Fears Are Birds/4. Bourbon Bedtime Story/5. Walk In The City/6. Wolves In My Backyard/7. Summer Ocean Death/8. Brother/9. Stories From A Bar/10. The Storm Is Coming/11. Blood bath in E minor/12.The Fall And The Loss

Release Date:9 November 2015
Top Floor Records

If I knew where the good songs came from I’d go there more often’ (Leonard Cohen)

When Beauty Ends’ is an album which targets our hearts and ‘hits’ with emotionally charged music, with a performance that has a disarming candour and with lyrics that could be perceived as words with ‘blades’. 12 tracks with a captivating musical violence, invoke emotions and thoughts while they ‘open’ and ‘close’ parts of our psyche and our minds for 50’. Mani Deum find where the good songs come from and continue in an even better way than the one they took when they started.

…forever in Hell without a heart…

Mani Deum compose music where every song and every verse of lyrics, leaves its own deep and unique imprint. They achieve this, by moving away from their first album entitled ‘Music For Your Local Church Or Your Local Brothel’ and look for inspiration deep inside their psyches. What makes this album great is the interesting and careful accentuation of certain words, the gaps that are left between them, the lyrical solos, the distorted sounds, the guitar trembles, the rhythmical changes in the acoustic parts, the positioning of the percussion, the melodies that the theremin plays, the ‘smoky’ vocals which were not present in the first album and the overall unique atmosphere that the album creates. The subjects of the lyrics have changed since the previous album and the aphorisms have become poems with meaning as sharp as a blade. All these elements give to this album, the fierceness of a serpent’s tongue and the explosiveness of a daemon. (more…)

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