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Dieter_Meier_profile…I always tell stories. For me, it’s an impromptu sharing experience. Sometimes I’ll talk a whole five minutes to the audience before starting the next song…” (Dieter Meier at a conversation with Bryan Ferry in 2011)

Dieter Meier is a Swiss musician and artist who has come a long way since 1979 when he was chosen by Boris Blank and Carlos Perón, as the lead singer of their band Yello. Since 1969 he has produced experimental films  ( i.e. ‘Jetzt und Alles’, ‘Lightmaker’) which were presented in festivals around the world, he was the director of Alphaville’s videoclip for their famous song ‘Big in Japan’, he created street art in Zurich, Munich and New York while he has also provided articles and essays for several magazines. Besides art he owns a ranch in Argentina called ‘Ojo de Agua’, a restaurant in Zurich and in the 1990s he designed silk scarves and was involved with the company ReWATCH, that uses recycled cans in order to make watches. (more…)

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