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It’s been 5 years since the last release ‘Noir Magnetique‘ by the french avant garde, experimental, industrial band Die Form and at the beginning of last month the EP ‘Schaulust‘ was released from Out of Line, paving the way for their full length album ‘Rayon Xexpected to be released on 4 July 2014. Die Form is the only band which has integrated so successfully and in an original way, fetish aesthetics in their work. Being consistent, since 1977 when their first cassette was released, Philippe Fichot and Éliane P. have always offered albums which are genuine pieces of art, handling fetishism in an artistic and appealing way. Their live performances don’t fall behind and kinesiology as well as their appearance paint a very unique picture in front of our eyes with their music complementing the spectacle in an ideal way. Bondage and s/m have been combined with the dramatic art of Butoh (which resembles an ancient greek tragedy) and in the recent past a dancer accompanied the band on stage perfecting the live performance!

Schaulusthas been released in 696 copies and consists of 4 songs. The dance electro element is stronger than the industrial atmosphere however it is more than obvious that this EP continues where ‘Masochist’ stopped. The overall mood seems to be less ominous and dark as well. I consider this EP as a teaser to ‘Rayon X’ and I can’t wait for it to be released!


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