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This concert aimed at presenting to the audience the latest album of Zbigniew Preisner and Lisa Gerrard entitled ‘Diaries of Hope’ which contains the following songs:

Front1.From the Abyss/2. Lament/ 3. Dream/ 4.In a Dark Hour/ 5. Epitaph

It was the beginning of the ‘90s when Preisner and Kieslowski visited Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem to see an exhibition dedicated to the children who were victims of the Holocaust. The interior was candlelit as a way of showing respect to the fragile lives of the victims. The childrens’ names together with their places of torment were heard through the song of a Cantor. The atmosphere of the place had a dramatic emotional impact on Preisner so Kieslowski encouraged him to translate these emotions and thoughts to music. (more…)

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