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November 2015

Teeth of The Sea– ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’, Rocket Recordings

Subheim– ‘Foray’, Denovali Records

Mueran Humanos– ‘Miseress’, ATP Recordings

The Empath– ‘Trackology’, Hymen Records

November Növelet– ‘The World In Devotion’, Galakthorrö

El Vy– ‘Return To The Moon’, 4AD

Les Jumeaux Discordants– ‘Les Chimères’, Athanor

Traams– ‘Modern Dancing’, FatCat Records


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1. Miseress/2. Un Lugar Ideal/3. Mi Auto/4. El Circulo/5.Espejo En La Nada/6. El Vino de las Orgias/7. Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa/8. La Torre de la Hora/9.Epilog

Release date: November 27,2015 ATP Recordings

folderIndustrial music is a genre that interests me very much ever since Throbbing Gristle made audiences ‘see’ the musicality of found industrial objects, machinery and other equipment that was beginning to lose its usefulness as soon as the de-industrialization of Europe began.To me, industrial music opened the floodgates of creativity just as punk represented the D.I.Y attitude towards art and life in general.
At the same time Germany, Belgium, France and England at the beginning of 1980s were the areas where de-industrialization was more intense and more evident. This in turn seemed to have favoured the appearance of bands inspired by the industrial qualities of machinery that was abundant in the gradually closing manufacturing sites. Audiences in Europe and especially in the aforementioned countries were theoretically more open to this new sound as it alluded to their everyday working and politically charged environments. For many years, industrial music that incorporated lyrics was either in German, English or French languages while the sound has perhaps intentionally, avoided melody and worshipped the rhythmical attraction of metallic sounds!


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