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Monthly playlist-Favourite albums May 2022

Posted: 16th June 2022 by blaue-rosen in Music News,press releases
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The future has a dark face as Soft Cell are singing, but it listens to some pretty good damn music or at least that’s our take on the matter.

logo playlistFrom the bone-cracking realism of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and their dark ritualistic waltzes, to the captivating, motivating, exhilarating soundscapes that came out of the synergy of TOKEE, Static Logic and Access to Arasaka, the soundtrack of the previous month was more ‘grounded’ in terms of its energy compared to the previous month, but equally stimulating when it came to the concepts behind the releases and the music. We welcomed the return of Soft Cell with ‘Happiness not Included’, a dystopian pop, noir synthpop album that addressed ideas that cross our minds everyday. Channeled through the humble – yet-bitter honesty of Marc Almond‘s performance, the topics of the latest Soft Cell album touched on religion, personal relationships and the human experience especially as it has been convoluted recently. Emma Ruth Rundle‘s demonic, paganistic, ritualistic call from another dimension was the release that haunted the creation of this soundtrack. The catchy EP entitled ‘Kiss the Boys’ by Je t’Aime, brought to mind the energy of the first gig of Dear Deer at WGT in Leipzig. So whether, you prefer the melancholic, post-punk injected sounds of Glaring or the techno inspired tracks of FEIERTAG, we hope you enjoy this playlist as much as we did while preparing it.




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