Input comes from the outside; my music comes from the inside…’ (extract from a recent interview of Coph Nia)

lashtal_laceIn the vast uncivilized world, when a ‘beast’ awakens and leaves its den, there’s always a very important reason. Likewise, if there is some truth in the idea that meaning is created where things exhaust all the possible different directions that they can take, then the release of the 12” EP called ‘Prelude To Lashtar Dance’ by Coph Nia, in Raubbau, proves that the time was right for Coph Nia to formulate a meaning in the form of sound.

This is the band of Mikael Aldén whose music, since the release of ‘That Which Remains’ in 1999, has been associated with the most powerful and darkest ritualistic soundscapes that I have ever found myself in. Six years have passed since the release of his latest full length album called ‘The Tree Of Life And Death‘ and in November 3 2014, Coph Nia had a much welcomed surprise for his dedicated audience. The 12” EP which is a teaser of a future album, comprises four songs including a cover of the song ‘In A Lonely Place‘ by Joy Division which is almost unrecognisable and reminiscent of the older ‘Opus 77‘.The organ with the ritual drums give to the lyrics a completely different feel than the original one. It is not uncommon  for Coph Nia to do cover versions of other songs (i.e. ‘Fire‘  written by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, in 1968, ‘Sympathy For The Devil‘ originally written by The Rolling Stones in 1969). In this latest EP ‘Prelude To Lashtar Lace‘, Coph Nia has added new percussion  to the sound  as we can listen to an instrument sounding as a güiro(an instrument associated with the latin american music tradition) in the first song. The ethereal female vocals have a stronger role, especially in ‘Lashtal Dance‘. The ritual aspect of the music hasn’t been diminshed in this EP even though ‘Mother Of Songs‘ and ‘Lashtal Dance‘ are bluring the boundaries of dark ambient, martial industrial and apocalyptic folk.

‘What I am interested in is a lot older than the pyramids and it will still be here when they are gone… ‘ (extract from a recent interview of Coph Nia)

Coph Nia, taking the name from Chapter 3 of Aleister Crowley’s ‘Liber AL vel Legis’ or else ‘The Book Of Law’, is a project that, through music, takes many forms as a Medusa. Its significance surpasses the moods that the music creates and even transcends the meaning that the words convey. It is actually the style and the character of Mikael Aldén that have the greatest impact. Listening to a Coph Nia song, equals to being guided to a complex abyss.Whether you exit by being ‘enlightened’ or be firther trapped in a tightly knit web, depends entirely on you! The title of this EP includes the word ‘lashtal’ the meaning of which encompasses too many ideas and has been associated with both the Hermetic Qabalah  (i.e. ‘Doppelganger (Qliphotic Phantasmagoria)’). Coph Nia has always been an invoker of very powerful ideas (i.e. ‘Religion’) as he has used extracts from ‘Liber Oz’ or ‘Book 77’  written in 1941 by  Aleister Crowley  (i.e. ‘Opus 77’), lyrics that are associated with Gnosticism (i.e. ‘Gnostic Anthem‘ is the Anthem of the Gnostic Mass which is based on ‘Magick: Book IV, Parts I-IV ‘ by Aleister Crowley), the ancient Egyptian tradition (i.e. ‘The Hall of Truth‘ refers to the process of reciting 42 negative confession to the God Osiris in ‘The Egyptian Book of The Dead‘)

The EP ‘Prelude to Lashtal Lace’ is opening ‘doors’ once again and what is beyond them, has a different significance to everyone. The word ‘lashtal’ is the word that Aleister Crowley ascribed to the number ’93’ but its origin and use can be found in different traditions (Tarot, Aramaic, Hebrew) and mainly it is ‘…a spelling variation on a term from regular Jewish religious practice, not even limited to Kabbalah. La-stal is a qualifier for an action that is considered holy in itself, not done for merit or ulterior purpose. In other words: “For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.” — AL I,44. ”


‘Prelude To Lashtal Lace’ can be listened and purchased by visiting this link:

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