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Posted: 16th May 2014 by blaue-rosen in Uncategorized

Welcome to Blaue Rosen’ music world. After having worked for the past 6 years for a web magazine as a free lance music journalist covering festivals  such as the Wave Gotik Treffen as well as individual gigs in Greece, London and Leipzig, writing album and live reviews and talking to talented musicians as part of interviews, I decided to set up my personal blog with the purpose of continuing this work.Feel free to read, comment and share on your blogs/webpages, the reviews that will be posted in here. As soon as any of my favourite bands inspires me in a positive or negative way there will be a review published. The purpose of all the posts, is to instigate discussions related to music and art in general. Any music related update that concerns  the musicians that I like or djs that play the music that I like, will be shared in this blog along with news and updates regarding future releases and/or live gigs.Especially when it comes to live concerts, expect to be informed about interesting gigs that are organised mainly in London.

Enjoy your visit!

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