What are the odds of making new year’s resolutions at the same place with the same beverage as last year if one is not a creature of habit? They must be greater than the odds of witnessing the comeback of favourite bands after 25 years! What are the odds that names such as Barry Adamson, Band of Holy Joy, Diamanda Galas, Edward Ka-Spel, The SkidsMarilyn Manson, Thurston Moore, Mark Lanegan, Trisomie 21, hackedepicciotto would be releasing albums, our favourite albums, within the same year? In 2017 Trisomie 21 released an album after 9 years and so did Der Plan after 25 years!

It was a year during which we experienced powerful moments in beautiful gigs. It was also a year during which many bands released impressive debut albums. In 2017, more and more bands have embraced the internet and new ways have been explored for audiences to enjoy music and also show their support online. We often found similarities or artistic points of convergence between these music releases and exhibitions of modern/alternative art. It was in the simplicity of the ideas and the roughness of texture in the work of Christos Bokoros for the exhibition entitled ‘The Bare Essentials’ (Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece) that we have found shared qualities with the drama and theatricality of the music of Diamanda Galas. It was in the cultural and spiritual explorations of the 60s as they were highlighted in the V&A’s exhibition ‘You Say You Want A Revolution?’ that we have found glimpses of the emotional fervour and social perceptiveness that Trisomie 21 and Band Of Holy Joy are expressing in their albums. It was in the imposing posture and evocative emotional strength of Reza Aramesh‘s ‘Metamorphosis’ sculpture (part of FRIEZE London) and in the rich texture of the abandoned buildings of Athens, that we have identified elements also expressed in the albums ‘World Eater’ by Blanck Mass and ‘Raw Effort’ by Livingtotem. We experienced similar feelings while watching the brave use of colour in the work of Opi Zouni (exhibition ‘Order In Chaos’ Benaki Museum) and listening to the albums ‘Serious Business’ and ‘Brutalism’ by Grey Hairs and IDLES. We admired the inventiveness of Nevin Aladag who transformed ordinary furniture into musical instruments (Documenta 14 Athens) and Mary Watts, who decorated in such a unique and unparalleled way, the Watts Chapel in Guildford. It was the same awe that we felt while listening to the dreamy (and somewhat gloomy) soundscapes that Edward Ka-Spel and Amanda Palmer have composed in their album ‘I Can Spin A Rainbow’. If there is one conclusion that one can safely draw for 2017 as far as music is concerned, is that musicians from around the world have indeed expressed the strength of the emotions and ideas that the tense worldwide situations are causing in all of us, using impressively creative ways. Within this year, some of us have realized,  that the possibility of war happening closer to us, was bigger than we expected to witness in our lifetime. Because of that, we might have really understood why art and music created in ugliness and hardship is so beautiful! There have been so many beautiful albums within the year that this time, Blauerosen has chosen for its soundtrack, those albums that had the strongest impact on us in their entirety. With thoughts about peace, creativity, and inspiration, let’s all have a beautiful 2018!

This was the soundtrack of Blauerosen in 2017!  



Skids– Album: Burning Cities
Grey Hairs– Album: Serious Business
La Main– Album: L’Heure de Salir
The Flatfield– Album:Manie sans délire
Vitalic– Album:Voyager
Manie sans délire– Album:Untitled
Drab Majesty– Album:Demonstration
Tristesse Contemporaine– Album:Stop And Start
A Projection– Album:Framework
Bain Wolfkind– Album:Hand Of Death
Singapore Sling– Album:Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)
The Underground Youth– Album:What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?
Julie’s Haircut– Album:Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin
Aseethe– Album:Hopes Of Failure
Xiu Xiu– Album:Forget
JT Whitfield– Album:Coated And Submersed
Penelope’s Fiance– Debut album:Penelope’s Fiance
Blanck Mass– Album:World Eater
Dag Rosenqvist and Matthew Collings– Album:Hello Darkness
Captains– Debut album:Captains
Girls In Synthesis– Debut EP:The Mound/Disappear
TOTENWALD– Debut EP:Wrong Place Wrong Time
ADULT– Album:Detroit House Guests
Neue Wilde– Debut Album:Neue Wilde
DJ Loser– Album:DJ Loser
Diamanda Galas– Album:All The Way
WIRE– Album:Silver/Lead
IDLES– Debut album:Brutalism
Vlimmer– Album:IIIIIII
Hello Black Hole– Debut mini LP:In No Good Hand
Mementut– Debut album:Into The Shadow Of God
Mark Lanegan Band -Album:Gargoyle
Vile Flesh -Album:Hirm
Second Still -Debut album:Second Still
Barry Adamson -EP:Love Sick Dick
Timber Timbre -Album:Sincerely Future Pollution
H.Grimace -Debut album:Self Architect
Group Zero -Debut Album:Structures And Light
Dopplereffekt -Album:Cellular Automata
Brenda -Debut EP:Creeper
Reduction Plan -Album:Somewhere

Buzz Kull -Album:CHROMA
APHEXIA -Album:The Gates
Edward Ka-Spel-Amanda Palmer -Album:I Can Spin A Rainbow
FEARING -Debut album:A Life of None
Magdalena’s Apathy -Album:Tendine d’Achille
Overture -Debut album:Screaming Silence
FOTOCRIME -Debut EP:Always Hell
The Eden House -Album:Songs for The Broken Ones
War Orphans -Debut EP:First Issue
Algiers -Album:The Underside Of Power
The Shyness of Strangers -Debut album:Time
In This Moment -Album:Ritual
Public Service Broadcasting-Album:Every Valley
Mauna Kea-Debut album:Mana
Wild Roses For The Exit-Album:Ghosts of Ancient Sadness
Guerre Froide-Album:Coruscant
Geneviéve Pasquier-Album:Louche Effect
OMD-Album:The Punishment of Luxury
Der Nachtportier-Debut album:1
Tarotist-Debut EP:Visions
KALEIDA-Debut album:Tear The Roots
METZ-Album:Strange Peace
Dirty Songs-Album:Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs
Phase Fatale-Debut album:Redeemer
Living Totem-Album:Raw Effort
Diary of Dreams-Album:Hell In Eden
Band of Holy Joy-Album:Funambulist We Love You
The Frozen Autumn-Album:The Fellow Traveller
Trisomie 21-Album:Elegance Never Dies
vDevil-Album:Natural Born Villain
NONE-Debut album:Poison
Belle and Sebastian-EP:How To Solve Our Human Problems (Pt1)
Negative Space-Debut LP:Gestalt
Black Fawn-Debut album:Motion
Word Made Flesh-Album:Word Made Flesh
AUTOBAHN-Album:The Moral Crossing
Brendan Perry, Olivier Mellano-Album:No Land
Nervous Mind-Debut album: BITE

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