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Dark Door a.k.a Mario D’Aniello and Federica Velenia, is a band that was formed in Naples and a band that you should know about, because their music is beautiful and their performances are emotionally and visually very strong! They have self-released 4 Logo interviewalbums so far, whose music is more an outlet of their feelings than a desire to create music of a certain style.Inspired by the damned poets, darkness in aesthetics and the darkness in the world, Dark Door give to these elements an attractive musical and visual form. We had the great chance to see them perform live as part of a special Dead&Buried¬†event last month, which was carried out in a suitable venue which does not pose any health and safety risks to an audience and can accommodate the sound requirements for a gig.Everyone had a lot of fun during that gig, everyone was dancing all the time and Blaue Rosen loved this band so much, that we had to talk with them about their influences, the symbolism in their visuals and their sources of inspiration.¬†


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