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You might have picked up that this week is very rich in terms of gigs. There are many well established bands as well as new projects that will offer memorable shows in different venues around London but we wanted to talk about one in particular in more detail. This is no other, than the special show that Daemonia Nymphe are preparing for us on Saturday 23rd June at the largest venue the band has performed so far in London, the O2 Academy in Islington.

The band has come a long way and is heading towards even greater things by constantly enriching their sound with new elements, new instruments and new ideas. Daemonia Nymphe have started their career in Greece in 1998, having been inspired by the mystery surrounding ancient Greek music and the aesthetics associated with ancient Greek theatre. At the very beginning they revealed their influences from the sound of 4AD and Dead Can Dance in particular, but very quickly they enriched their original sound and the lightness of the ethereal female vocals, with ceremonial male vocals and aesthetically psychedelic elements in the performance, making reference to characters like nymphs, oracles and even witches and demons. Their stage appearance has also evolved and enriched with different and more theatrical elements over the years. This was until the release of their album ‘Psychostasia‘ where the idea for a music/theatre performance materialized. ‘Pyschostastia II:The Ritual‘ was not the first time the band had been involved in theatre but it was the first time they transformed one of their music albums into a play. Daemonia Nymphe have provided live scores in numerous theatrical productions both in London and in Greece.


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