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tumblr_inline_nqu2hr06eF1r9b7s6_540It’s been two years since the release of ‘Pain Is Beauty‘ and just one from the release of ‘Sing More Songs Together, the EP that Chelsea Wolfe created with King Dude. I would dare to say that the time feels right and the ground has been prepared in our minds and psyches by the previous albums of Chelsea Wolfe, for ‘Abyss‘, her forthcoming 5th studio album. The evoking title of the album  is self explanatory but is promising to absorb us, just as strongly as the previous albums of Chelsea Wolfe did. I have always found that the bigger emotional impact is not made by cold and static rhythms nor by harsh vocals, it is rather achieved through sad melodies using powerful ‘sad’ harmonies and hypnotizing vocals. When all these elements are combined with a smoky vocals, pulsating rhythms and a capturing performance, then you are up for an outwardly, strong and cathartic experience. Chelsea Wolfe emits an absorbing darkness aesthetically as well as through her lyrics and melodies. One could say that the impact of her music is equivalent of the one Ulysses has experienced from all the Sirens together during his trip to Ithaca. Chelsea Wolfe was singing  ‘Run from the one who comes to find you wait for the night that come to hide your eyes like an animal…‘ in ‘Pain Is Beauty’ and if the titles of songs hint at a story then ‘‘Carrion Flowers’‘ and ‘Iron Moon ( the known titles of some songs from her new album ) give us plenty of spiritual incentives so as to create our own dark stories until 7th August 2015, the official release date of ‘Abyss’ by Sargent House. You can preorder ‘Abyss’ by following this link:

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