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A few days before the end of this musically beautiful year and following their sold out show in London that was one of the most memorable live performances of 2017, Boy Harsher took the time to join us in an interview. The live at The Shacklewell Arms was a unique opportunity to see this band perform live for the first time in London even though the experience was challenging both for the audience and the band for different reasons. We can only hope that there will be another gig in London in a bigger venue more suitable to accommodate the growing audience of Boy Harsher.

In the interview that follows, Jae and Gus talk about their recent EP ‘Country Girl‘, their tour in support of this release, their experience from London, a gig that played an important role in the development of their shows and their philosophy. Boy Harsher will be joining The Soft Moon in their US tour later in 2018!


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