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bouquiniste_cover1. The Day They Came/ 2. Awakening/ 3. Faded Sun/4. Stormtrooper Waltz/ 5. No Place To Hide/6. Fields of Silence/7. The New Tomorrow/8. Untitled/9. Untitled/ 10. Untitled/ 11. Faded Sun (Hysterical Version)/12. Stormtrooper Waltz( Crashed Waves version)/13.The Day They Cane (Tokee remix)/14. Awakening (Electro Shock version)/ 15.Untitled

Unguided Records, August 2014

…an unofficial score for an imaginary choreography…?

Tokee’s latest brainchild is entitled ‘Bouquiniste’ and is quite different from all of his previous albums. Traces from his classical music training and his involvement with the films’ industry (Tokee worked on actors’ recordings for the movie ‘Munich’ by Steven Spielberg) can be identified in all of his previous albums. Five years after the release of his debut album ‘Plus’,  ‘Bouquiniste’ makes reference to Tokee’s classical influences which are more prominent without excluding the presence of psychedelic/idm sounds! Tokee has also released the following albums in 2014: ‘Struktura‘ and ‘Unknown Spheres‘ by Raumklang. (more…)

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