HOROLOGIUM-Carmina Contagionis

Release date:28 June 2021

Label: Ur Muzik

HOROLOGIUM — a.k.a Grzegorz Siedlecki — is a project that devotees of dark ambient, post-industrial and neoclassical ceremonial music are very familiar with and very fond of. We had the pleasure of enjoying the sonic strength of their music live in London during the mini festival Deliquium in 2018 and loved the way their sound was complemented by beautiful visuals that revealed a fascination with the aesthetic of old black and white movies. Three years after the release of ‘Atavistic Americana‘ and one year after the release of their even darker EP entitled ‘Starvation Musings‘, the band is ready to release a new album entitled ‘Carmina Contagionis‘ through Ur Muzik. By carefully decomposing their industrial rhythms and enriching them with distorted dark folk, spoken word elements and choral vocals that evoke the atmosphere of a church, HOROLOGIUM are about to release their most cinematic album to date. Their political comments are artistically handled, shrouded in vocal samples that evoke the aesthetics of old movies, while disquieting loops play addictive tricks with our spiritual comfort. We noticed and loved the way the tracks finish, each breaking its own ‘mould’. This is an album for the end of times, an album that glorifies the moment before everything stops and is reborn. Make sure to preorder it now!

Here is the official press release from the band:

“Every plague has its own melody (music to die to), but the past centuries knew that music could also serve as a medicine: carmina contra mortalitatem hominum. But what kind of illness actually threatens HOROLOGIUM coverthe very essence of a noble soul? Horologium are back with their trademark sound: obsessive and overwhelming aural collages meet sublime ambient fragments, martial industrial meets spoken word and choir singing. The album features a collaborative track with the old-time comrade Der Arbeiter. The artwork’s been skilfully crafted by Bunkier Productions. Carmina Contagionis offers six new tracks on a strictly limited and hand-numbered lathe-cut LP (20 pieces only!). This is a ‘rara avis’ release per se and will not be reissued! 10x black LP // 10x transparent LP EUR 39.00 (plus shipping)  Pre-order you copy at ur.muzik(at)yahoo(dot)com or via our fb page

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